Happy new month family {I was so tempted to say ‘bras’, my OG blog readers will know what I’m talking about} and I hope you’ve had a relaxing start to this new month because I have and I’m super thankful this month started with a holiday as I was completely burnout and over March.

This April, I really want to work smarter and avoid being as tired and burnout as I was the whole of last month {if I’m being honest, whole of 2021 so far}, so I’ve made a decision to make a few changes in how I’m going to working henceforth and thought to share as it might be helpful to someone who’s feeling how I am at the moment…

1. Plan My Work Every Weekend

I used to be such a planner, but this year, due to how fast paced my work is especially now working in a place where I have so many bosses above me who make decisions without letting me know from the inception but rather when decisions have been made and there’s the pressure to implement as quickly as possible, I’ve found myself no longer planning but just winging it. However, going forward, I’m going to try plan as much as I can so the vision I have is clear and I’m no longer working from a place of pressure but of leisure because work is fun for me, that’s why I switched from what I studied in uni to work in social media.

2. Work At My Designated Work Area

Funny story, earlier today, I was working from my couch and guess who slept off? Me *hahahhahahahahaha*. This is the case most of the time, I love to sleep and once I start working from a comfortable place like my couch or bed, best believe I’m falling asleep. This puts me hours behind time on my schedule but we are having none of that henceforth. From tomorrow, it’s behind my desk or nothing.

3. Wake Up Early And Getting Out Of Bed

So I started waking up early, thinking that will solve my problem and help me get more tasks done but that wasn’t the case. I’d wake up early and spend most of the early hours turning from one side of the bed to the other and eventually still get to work at noon like I used to when I wasn’t waking up early. I’ve been working at this lately and it’s made such a huge difference actually getting out of bed and preparing my mind for work.

4. Assign Tasks To People

I used to be a Ms ‘I can do it all on my own’ but I’m so glad I saw the light last month and finally got assistants. OMG, I can’t put into words how much easier this particular move made my life so much easier. I got more done as regards my work with clients without feeling the impact of the work load. I’m definitely going to be getting more assistance if needed because that’s where productivity is really at.

5. Saying NO I CAN’T

This is the major cause of most of the burnout I feel. From clients to friends and even family, I can barely say NO to when I’m asked to do things, ‘Ifeoma can you design graphics’, ‘Ifeoma can you fly’, ‘Ifeoma can you break dance’ etc and my answer is always YES sadly even when it’s super inconvenient for me. I’ve decided to have mercy on myself and show myself love by putting myself FIRST henceforth and saying NO more often. Saying no I can’t doesn’t make me less of an expert in my field of work and that’s what I’m going to be reciting to myself every day going forward.

I honestly want to add having set work hours but due to my type of job, social media and digital media management, it’s hard to be offline without monitoring how your posts are doing at different points in the day even at midnight but if you can, I hear this helps.

This new quarter, I’m affirming more money, less stress and a soft life now and forever. Do let me know in the comments what your affirmation is for this new quarter.

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