It’s been a little minute, I’m so happy I’m able to write this and share something with you today on this blog. I’ve been getting quite a number of notifications about people liking various posts on here and it’s exciting to see people are still stopping by to read one or two articles and also debunks the news that the blog reading culture is dead, atleast not hereeeeeee. In today’s blogpost, I’d be sharing with you 5 beauty products I use everyday {or almost everyday} and what I like about each one…

1. Good Molecules Niaciamide Serum

I’ve been using niacinamide serums for a while now, let’s say about 2years and I love it especially as it’s the most non tedious skin product to use and it’s highly effective after consistent use. I used to to use this one but I switched to the good molecules one when they sent it in a pr package and I have no regrets. I used it everyday sometimes twice daily and it greatly improved my skin texture. I have also realized that it helped a lot with my oily skin and my skin stopped appearing greasy during the day.

2. Laneige Lips Sleeping Mask

I wrote a whole blogpost about this product here, that’s how good it is and how much I love it. For all my queens and kings that wanna have well moisturized lips but don’t want to have any part in them greasy stuff, this is the one for you!!!!

3. Missha Aqua Sunscreen

This is kinda the most popular sunscreen if I’m judging by my twitter timeline and from an almost empty first tube point of view I can see the reason why. It’s one of the affordable ones that actually does the work it says it does and most especially it’s great for dark skin as it leaves no white or purple cast.

4. Good Molecules Yerba Mate Wake Up Eye Gel

This is the newest product in my stash and I’m obsessed with it for so many reasons with the first being that I’ve always wanted a beauty product in a squeezeable tube, weird? Ikr. I also love it because it’s cruelty free and was ethically made alongside the fact it smells like cold ice tea. If you’d like a review of this product, do be sure to leave a comment letting me know okay?

5. Udinara Lumi Butter

This is the only non skincare beauty product that I use OFTEN. I love this product so much because of its versatility, I’ve used it for my body, for highlighter, for eyeshadow, for so many things I can’t even remember at the moment. Let’s not even talk about value for money because this cup doesn’t seem to want to finish, love that for my bank account balance {hehehehehehehehehehehe}

Ps : Use code ‘SIA05’ to get 20% off your order when you shop at @uudinara on IG
Texture Shot

This blogpost was inspired by this reel by one of my favorite Instagram accounts that I follow and looking at the date you can tell this has been on my ‘to write’ list for a while now. I’m so glad I’m finally able to share these post and products with you, with hope that you enjoy it and find it helpful to YOU. Do have an amazing weekend ahead and don’t forget to believe in your slay.

Love always…

Do you have products you use everyday? Do share them with me too. If you discovered any new product or brand, do leave a comment sharing which it is, looking forward to reading from you…

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