I know no one wants to be reading about work on the weekend especially as these days the weekends feel like a 30 minutes break from work but this feels really important for me to share especially as it’s a new week, there would definitely be applications sent out and a lot of people have been asking me to do this.

I recently put out a call for people to join my social media and I got over 100 applications. Of all the applications I got, only 3 people nailed it and that’s such a low number so I’ve decided to make this into a series and this is the first part. In this blogpost, I’d be sharing a list of do’s and don’ts to pay attention to when you find an opening for a job in social media and plan to apply.

1. Do not apply immediately you see the job offer or opportunity. Do take a little bit of time to actually research the brand or employer as that will help you understand what the brand is looking for and guide you editing your resume/application to suite the exact brand/role.

2. Do not forget to research the name of the person hiring or the person your application is being addressed to. It’s actually okay if you can’t find it but in my case, I asked that the email applications be sent to should be gotten from my bio and my name was right there so there’s absolutely no reason why a serious applicant should address me as ‘sir/ma’ or ‘hiring manager’. Do take your time to research the person getting your application and address them in a way that won’t throw them off from the very first line of your mail.

3. Do not send the same application you send to a formal company for a creative role. Do refine your resume according to what the creative role you’re applying for needs. There’s absolutely no reason to send a cv full of words about your educational background etc without showing your creativity, links to your work or relevant work achievements as those are what your employer needs to see.

4. Do not just mention the brands you have worked without sharing how you impacted on the brand. Do attach short brief of what your role was at each brand and also how well you executed your role. Also add a screenshot of pages curated by you etc on your portfolio as it gives the person vetting your application a clear idea of your abilities.

A sample from my resume

5. Do not waste your time sending several paragraphs explaining how passionate you are or sending a cover letter as this is of no use for a creative role except you are applying for a writing position or particularly required to do so. Do spend that time creating a portfolio that shows your creative work and shows off your ability as a creative / social media manager.

I’d definitely be looking forward to getting more questions from you guys on this topic as I’d absolutely love to share more of the knowledge I’ve acquired so we can all be on our rich and sexy wave. Do have an amazing new week and wishing all my girlies a very happy International women’s day in advance.

I hope you found this post insightful and if you’d like me to share more content like this, do let me know by leaving me a comment below…


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