Situated right at the heart of the famous Admiralty way in Lekki phase 1 Lagos, at the top floor of the latest supermarket in town, FreshForte, SPADES is the newest addition to the long list of restaurants located along that road. Like most restaurants in Lagos, I can’t really tell what type of restaurant it is as their menu has a bit of so many different things so perhaps you can call it an intercontinental restaurant.


One thing is certain, once you open the doors of SPADES, you are sure to have your breathe taken away by it’s absolute gorgeousness. It’s super sophisticated, glamorous and probably the closest thing to a tropical rainforest in Lagos. There are so many different corners with different designs which makes the inside very pleasing to the eyes.


They also have an outdoor space which is equally tastefully designed while maintaining the rainforest aesthetics. The outside overlooks something that could be the sea or a river I’m not sure but as you might already know, Lagos is surrounded by water and I think this is such a good use of space as this particular part of the restaurant might be categorized as romantic and make it a great choice for couples to hang out or water signs like myself that enjoy being around water. My favorite detail outside is the section filled with sea shells covered in glass, so beautiful beyond words.


Now, this is the part where a lot of service providers in Lagos fail and unfortunately, the beauty of SPADES doesn’t transcend to the service provided there. The first time I visited there, I had absolutely no problem and was allowed to sit anywhere but on returning with my friend this past Sunday, as we approached a spot I liked from my previous visit, the receptionist goes ‘there’s a minimum spend of 14,000 naira on this table and it’s a table for six’. I was surprised as I didn’t witness this earlier but moved on to a table for two because that’s not the first time I’m seeing this happen at a restaurant here. Then as regards the food, let me not bore you with the details but they messed up my friends order and didn’t care to inform her they ran out of sweet potatoes in the kitchen till my food was ready along with the fact there staff there would rather cluster together than actually attending to people in the restaurant.


I’d absolutely visit again perhaps for the delicious drink the bartender made me and for pictures but definitely not on a weekend or for food.

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What do you think of this blogpost, should I make it a thing? Do you enjoy reading reviews of places and products? Do let me know your thoughts by leaving me a comment in the section below, looking forward to hearing from you…


  1. Lovee the review and the pictures you took are amazing.
    What would you say is the average depend for one person or two people please?


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