Hi guys, how’s your week going so far? I hope great and not as hectic, back breaking and stressful as mine. I’ve had the most busy past couple of days and it’s been hard to keep up but one very exciting thing happened to me in the past week, I finally released my presets for sale after such a long time of being asked for it. The most exciting part is that you can get it no matter where you are in the world. This is the reason I decided to share this blogpost today, to give you that further nudge you need as a creator to make that digital product that you’ve been thinking about…


One of the many reasons people with great business ideas don’t make it a reality is due to lack of funding but guess what with making digital products, all or the most investment you’d be making is putting in time and your knowledge on the particular choice of product. Yes, you will have to sit down to plan, do market research, and create your products but it’s literally just a ONE TIME thing that will bring returns for a long time {pun intended}


Thankfully, there are so many online market places that allow you sell your digital products no matter where you are located in different currencies like Selar. In selling and marketing your digital product, you are not limited to a particular country or area, your products can be purchased all over the world. So far, I’ve had people from nearly all the continents buy my digital products and the feeling is priceless.


So with physical products, the bigger your market, the more you’d need to keep restocking which means more money being spent and more time being consumed. I’ve been selling my ebook since 2018 and I’ve not had to rewrite anything yet in this time I’ve made even more money from it in than I did when I just released it.

So if you’ve about thinking about digital products or you have probably made one that you’re convinced works and will increase efficiency in the life of others, then by all means go ahead. From templates, guides, how-tos, tutorials, audio files, images, music, videos, illustrations, documents, presets etc the possibilities are endless. I hope with this few points of mine I’ve been able to convince you to give digital products a try.

I’m really impressed with this online digital product selling platform I’ve just discovered so I’ve decided to give a discount on all my digital products incase you’ve ever wanted one so you can check out the site. Use code ‘SIA1000’ to shop.

Do you like digital products? Have you bought any in recent times? Do share your thoughts with me on this by leaving a comment below, looking forward to hearing from you

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