I can’t believe after two blogposts, my initial plan of seven blogposts last week came to a quick end and I’m far from ashamed of myself because adulting got the most of my time but this is story for another day as today is all about giving people their flowers.

I opened my twitter app this morning to find a very hilarious clash between the millennials and gen z. While I’m still a bit confused as to which group I belong and the gen z guys appeared to be winning the battle, one thing I’m super proud of the millennials for is learning to acknowledge people and their good work while they are still very much alive. For this reason, I started sharing my favorite image content as seen on my timeline on Instagram every week as a way of letting these creators know that the work they have put in didn’t go to waste and basically to just share them with my community so they can appreciated and discovered by more people.

As time has gone on, I’ve decided to take that content beyond just my Instagram stories that disappears in 24hours and put it here as a monthly series where even years after, one can refer to these posts for inspiration, also to discover amazing content creators and here’s the first entry…


This image of Tasha is EVERYTHING but I mean what would you expect of an editorial photographer? I’ve been following Tasha for a while now, she is my internet sister and to say she inspires me is an understatement. Her work aka content on Instagram is amazinggggggg. What amazes me the most about Tasha’s work is that every image she puts out looks so simple but yet very striking. She has the ability to turn a simple breakfast snap into an image fit for a magazine cover.

Instagram : theglossier


I saw this image on my timeline and I legit stopped scrolling. This was such a moment for me on my feed but I paused, stared so hard at it and all I could think of was ‘wow, if perfect was an outfit, this would be it’. I’m sure orange was very glad Ellie put this look together. Ellie is one of my absolute fav fashion babes, you know what they say about French girls and fashion right?. When I first discovered her, it was through her shoe came and her shoe snaps with her legs on a stack of magazines and I absolutely lived for those snaps. Her content has evolved and have gotten even better. One thing is for sure, no matter how gloomy life might be on certain days, you can trust Ellie to bring sunshine to your Instagram timeline with her colorful outfits.

Instagram : slipintostyle


I bet when you saw this photo the first thing that came to your mind was ‘mindblowing’, well same here!!!! Let me let you guys in on a little secret, I actually go to my saved collection to look at this image every other day, that’s how much I love it. To be creative or to create a stunning image, you really don’t have to do so much, all you really need to know how to do is to make the things you have at your disposal work and that’s what Ryan has done in this image. Ryan was a writer and content creator turned florist and I couldn’t be more impressed at a person as I am with her, how she has changed career paths and killing it.

Instagram : cinnamonryan


I spotted Abisola years ago at fashion week in Lagos and I was swoon by her look, I could immediately tell that she has this style thing on lock and after a little while, I found her on Instagram and I’ve been stanning hard since then because she won’t get her foot off my neck. We somehow became colleagues sometime in 2019 when she moved to Lagos for a short stay and everytime I went in to the office, you’d be sure to hear me compliment her look because she was always on her A game. Abisola is a fashion stylist and I think she deserves all the coins because she truly is fashionable and knows very well how to make the most random pieces look so fab together.

Instagram : abisolaalaka


Falling in love with this image wasn’t a hard one, infact it was love at first sight. Asides from the fact that Zichat is a gorgeous lifestyle content creator, this image did a great job amplifying that beauty so much that I could see her inner beautiful shine through. The lighting was perfect and that pop of orange is everything else that was needed to make this image as beautiful as it is.

Instagram : Zichatduniya


So, Amarachi is not your typical content creator/influencer but I so so so much love her content and the images that she put out because judging by the image above, what’s not to love? I absolutely love having her on my timeline because her images remind me of the good ol days where we just took photos and shared them on Instagram {okay well not me because I only joined Instagram when I became a blogger 🌚}. How subtle, stunning and striking her images are is definitely a level I aspire to get to.

Instagram : amarachiii

I totally enjoyed writing this and sharing with you and I really hope you enjoyed this post. I also hope I’ve introduced you to some awesome female content creators that you can also go and champion!!!! Looking forward to next month’s entry but in the main time, I urge you to spread the love and share the work of your favorite creators more regularly.

Did you discover anyone new? Which of these six photos do you love the most? Do let me know your thoughts on this series and if I should continue it by leaving a comment below, looking forward to reading from you…

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