New week, new energy right? Well for me, the answer is yassssssssssssssss and the energy for this new week on this blog is 7 posts for the next 7 days starting from TODAY!!!!

Yes you read right, I’m challenging myself to write everyday for the next 7 days leading up to Valentine’s day. Tbh, I’m super excited about this because the last time I did something like this was almost 4years ago when all I could think about was blogging, so for me to want to do this again, it means I might have just got my full blogging mojo back *insert happy screams*

Enough of me squeaking in your ears with excitement and let’s get into this love week shall we? Valentine’s Day falls on a weekend this year and we agree it’s going to red hot literally because no excuse of being at work *hahahahahaha*

For this 7 day series, I’ve decided to make it around showing love to yourself and to your loved one{s}. To kick off the series, I thought to share 3 affordable Nigerian brands that you can shop your Valentine’s Day look from whether you are going on a date or just treating yourself.


Honestly, I find their name weird because I’ve not seen any denim item from the brand but what matters is the content not the name right? They make such fabulous wrap dresses and we know how flirty wrap dresses are. They’ve also added a range of other things to their design list like skirts, blouses and even more dresses design if wrap isn’t your thing.

Price Range : 4,000naira – 9,500naira


I’m not a big fan of Ankara prints, I’m that confused person that’s between being a minimalist and maximalist when it comes to fashion because I actually do not understand why I have to pick one when I can have all. So even though you’d find me wearing prints, I find Ankara prints overwhelming sometimes but this brand has me swoooooooooooooooooooon. The prints are so beautiful and not over the top but most especially the designs are gorgeous.

Price Range : 5,000naira – 22,500naira


This is a new brand I just discovered right at the nick of creating this blogpost and I was mind blown at their prices!!! If you’re about that snug fit life, instead of worrying about shipping and exchange rate shopping from brands overseas, you should absolutely check them out. I have already placed an order for a dress from their new collection, just thought to let you know *insert grin here*

Price Range : 6,000naira – 7,500naira

Now incase you’re wondering why I wrote this post, here’s your reminder that although my earning power has increased and I can afford pricier things, the goal for me starting a blog has always been to show and share with you my reader that you can absolutely live a beautiful, stylish life without breaking the bank all the time.

Be mindful of curating your life for content, instead be content with your life and curate from it.

Samantha Marie

Which of these brands caught your attention at first glance? Do let me know your thoughts on this blogpost and the series I’m starting, looking forward to hearing from you…


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