If you’ve been following my blogging journey from the jump, I bet you’d be as excited as I am about this post!!! Tales From The Thrift was one of my most read posts on my first ever blog ‘whowhatfab’ and after putting this off for the longest time, I’m bringing it backkkkkk

Tales From The Thrift is basically a blogpost where I share some of my favorite thrift finds at the end of every month with you and we are starting with five things I thrifted in January that made me really happy

Something For My House

Let’s just ignore the fact that my one and only plant is dying, I found this cute plant pot and I couldn’t resist it. I’m currently using it as a pot to store loose change but I plan to get a small plant for it, probably a cactus plant in high hopes that it doesn’t die too.

Something For My Feet

Price – N3,500

I’ve never really been a boots girl, I thought them impractical for Lagos where I live especially as I’m always mostly using the public commute and I need to get air in as many places as possible but I just got a dress from one of my favorite brands and the only footwear I want to wear with it is a black combat boot so you can tell I was super excited when I found this pair while thrifting. It’s brand new, never been worn before so this one takes the crown of steal of the month.

Something For Me To Wear

Price – N1,000

I’ve been decluttering my wardrobe all week but hear me out, I needed this blouse!!! I’m trying to curate my wardrobe with essential pieces and I can say this blouse falls into that category. Firstly it’s black and then long sleeved which means I can create a ton of outfits from this. This is yet another steal because it’s brand new too!!

Something For Me To Read

Price – N500 each

Although only four pictured, I actually got 6 books on this day and all different. A romantic read, a motivational read, a book by a black author, a funny read, a book for writers and my favorite one a coloring book that I’d most definitely share on my Instagram so be sure to be following me. I can’t wait to start reading these once I’m done with the ones I ought to have finished in 2020 {don’t judge me}.

Something For Me To Carry Around

Price – N1,000

An original coach mini bag? Can the church say halleluyahhhhhhhhh?!!!! Thrifting designer bags especially in Lagos Nigeria is very tricky, I don’t even recommend because 99.5/100 times, that designer bag you are thrifting is FAKE but thankfully I was able to score this authentic coach bag, maybe one day I’d find an authentic Chanel bag too

There’s a lot more that I thrifted last month but honestly, I’m just trying to get a hang of introducing this post to this new blog and limited the items shared to just five to test waters. I’m really looking forward to your feedback whether to keep sharing and making this a monthly thing like I did before or to just forget it.

Which item is your favorite? Have you been thriftshopping lately? Do let me know your thoughts on this post by leaving me a comment below, thank you…


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