So here’s a spoiler, I’m not one of these real life people. I’m sharing the mic or should I say pen or keyboard with five other people which I think is super exciting because I’d love you visiting this blog to not only hear my opinion but that of others and someday it may be your own words here too.

As you might already know from reading this blog, I live in Lagos Nigeria and I can tell you for free that years ago, before the panorama {pandemic for my serious readers}, Nigerian employers couldn’t fathom the possibility of working from the comfort of our houses. I mean I work mostly as a social media executive so why do I gotta check in to work everyday of the week? but they being the employers will have it no other way.

And then came the global spread of COVID-19 which kinda made it mandatory for people to stay at home and till today is still keeping people at home but hey, work must go on right?

Where it’s possible, employers are encouraging or requiring people to work from home. Some for an indeterminate amount of time, for others a specific amount of time. While I’m very familiar with the work from home lifestyle, quite a number of people aren’t and I’ve had some mutuals share how they aren’t enjoying it so I decided to ask those who are to share what they like about working from home and how they are nailing this new lifestyle…


What he likes : No daily commute.

His Tip : Make your house as comfortable as possible and have a designated working area. A simple desk and chair (preferably ergonomic/swivel) would do.


What she likes : I can work naked and at my own time.

Her Tip : Have a structure or a routine so you don’t end up over working.


What He Likes : The fact that I’m in my space.

His Tip : Find out the time of the day you perform at peak, schedule your toughest tasks for that period.


What She Likes : I like that I’m not obligated to get up/set out too early.

Her Tip : Create a routine regardless. Work on your schedule to avoid a seemingly unending cycle


What He Likes : I get to see my wife everyday now. I can play games and work at the same time. Nobody is breathing down my neck telling me what to do and I work in just shorts and bandana.

His Tip : Make your space comfortable to work in (lights, furniture, etc)

Personally, I do not practice any of these tips because my work is actually my hobby and I don’t mind being on my phone all day long at least till I find a distraction. I’d also say have eating times, so you’re not eating way more than you normally would and then start to blame your weight gain on working from home, that will deeply affect your attitude towards your new work environment. Lastly, I found that setting boundaries with family or people around your work space at home is very important. When I’m working, everyone knows I’m working and give me space to do my job.

While I hope that things go back to normal and it gets safe to actually be outside, get hugs and just live carefree, I also hope the remote work culture remains because as we all used to say, all them meetings can easily be an email.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I liked sharing it. If you have any tips or experience with remote work, do share in the comments below, thank you for stopping by.


  1. These are great tips. I love how each person has a unique way of making it work for them. I personally love the idea of working from home, but I also love the idea of getting dressed on some days, strutting into my office. I guess what I love is flexibility.


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