I feel like if I say richandsexy2021 again, y’all might actually fight me but please endure with me as those are my two words for this year and I’m going to be talking about it a lot so they can fully manifest in my life. On this note of mutual understanding, let’s get right into what today’s post is about.

Last year, I wrote about the 5 Nigerian designers to give your coins and it was such a hit, one of the most read posts on my blog so it’s only right I do another because the people liked it and these brands fit perfectly into my rich and sexy vision for this year.



This one is for all my sexy babes, every piece from studiobonitta will definitely have you looking like your sexiest self ever judging by what I see. I love the design aesthetics of this brand, particularly as every collection is exclusive and limited meaning once it’s soldout, there’s no restocking which gives the clothes a one of a kind feeling and also every collection feels completely fresh. I’m absolutely all for the slow fashion ethics this brand has going on because with its kinda vibe, a majority of brands providing similar style options are fast fashion.



Now I bet we all have had that moment when you were a particular outfit and you automatically start to feel rich right? Like all that’s in your head is ‘you know say money no be problem’ {meaning : you know that money is not a problem} just based on how you look and not necessarily your bank account balance, that’s how every photo of women in IbilolaogundipeRTW look to me. I’ve got eyes on the Liya, Lina, Reyna, infact every piece from this brand.



So here we have a mix of lingerie and ready to wear pieces, talk about saving money and killing it at looking both rich and sexy in one outfit. I love how a majority of the lingerie pieces designed by Pepskru can also be styled to wear out of the house and also how their ready to wear pieces are very elegant yet still not far off their lingerie aesthetics. Most of the pieces from this brand are custom made which makes the brand yet another slow fashion brand with a very timeless vibe to its designs.


I haven’t yet started to buy clothes this year as to be very honest, I have an over flowing wardrobe and need to declutter ASAP but as soon as I’m back on my grind, these are the brands I’d definitely be looking to especially as I’m hoping to add pieces from more Nigerian fashion designers.

Ps : I did a little bit of an update today on this blog that had me super excited all day. I’d have asked you to guess what it is but you might already by now notice that I have a new theme. Do have a look around the blog and let me know your thoughts as I want you to have the best reader experience here.

Have you heard of any of these brands? Which is more of your vibe? Do let me know by leaving a comment below, thank you.


  1. Awwwn we have the same WordPress theme, it’s so pretty and unique. These are really unique brands, never come across them. Thank you for sharing. The rich is more my style (God please provide 🥺)


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