I was sharing on my Instagram stories yesterday about how this space {my blog} is specially dedicated to living a stylish life on budget. So incase you’re a new reader or just discovered my blog, welcome to my world where I share bits, tips and tricks of my life’s escapades and interests as a young lady who loves the finer things of life but is on a budget.

Being on a budget and always wanting to shop led me down the part of ‘thrifting’ and I’ve since then realized that thrifting or secondhand shopping isn’t just about affordability but more about sustainability which I’ve become quite passionate about.

As someone who loves fashion and shopping trends aka a shopaholic, having to buy new clothing items every season as there are new trends for every season every year is very far from sustainable and also reckless spending in my opinion, I’d advise you check at the thrift shops or markets first before splurging on trends. So in today’s blogpost, I’d be sharing with you 3 fashions trends for 2021 that you can find at the thrift shop quite easily.


From jeans to button down shirts to pants, this is definitely my absolute favorite trend as it screams comfort the most of all the trends and if you know me, you’d know even by this post that I’m here for this. Whether you’re taking it from the men’s wardrobe or looking out to buy some oversized pieces to call your own, the thrift shop is such a perfect place to check. I find that in earlier times, clothes were fitted a lot looser so not matter what size you are, you’d be sure to find something for you.

Styling Tip : You can go on the baggy on baggy route like Alma did, matching cords are a fail proof hack for this or you can play with proportions like Derin and pair your baggy/oversized piece with a more cinched piece.


This has been a staple from ages past so with a little dedicated hunt, you’d definitely find this at a thrift shop or market near you. What I love the most about this dress style is no matter how many passes, as long as it still fits, you’re sure to turn heads anytime you wear it. It might be seen as trendy right now but in my books, this is is a timeless classic.

Styling Tip : Midi or maxis are my absolute favorites. Nothing wrong with minis but if you’re going for that classic look, then forget minis. To add an extra oomf to your look, add some chic accessories like the layered necklace like Dodos or a cute purse like Rahel.


This is another huge favorite of mine, in high school, they used to call me ‘cardigan girl’ because I actually wore my sweater EVERYDAY. To catch me not in my sweater means it must be an extremely hot day and even at that, you’d find it around my waist or shoulders. So with all the recent craze around knitwear particularly coming from the fact we spent the most of 2020 at home and that has continued in 2021 too. Like I mentioned in my wishlist, the modern styles of knitwear that aren’t necessarily the normal round necked long sleeve styles are an absolute fav especially as I live in Nigeria and it’s not as chilly for the super thick ones.

Styling Tip : Pair the knitwear tops with jeans for a more casual look like Ashley and the dresses with sandals for that relaxed vibe that doesn’t say ‘cold weather’ like Aysha.

There are quite a couple other trends for this year especially spring/summer that are worth taking note of and also very easy to find second hand if the above trends are your style, we have exaggerated voluminous sleeves, pastel, tie dye, big collars, cropped tops and blazers etc. I’m already looking forward to my next thriftshopping trip because these looks have to come on!! If you’d like to know where I frequent to thriftshop in Lagos, then you might want to check this out.

On this note, I’d love to wish you an amazing new week ahead, one that will be fulfilling. I’m trying to be consistent here and the fact y’all taking time out of your day to stop by is all the motivation I need so do check back again on Wednesday and Saturday for new posts.

Which of these is your favorite and which outfit can you picture yourself in? Do let me know by leaving me a comment below, thank you…

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