I want you know even after this tweet, I still couldn’t be bothered with sunscreen. Now for those that might have not heard twitter skincare experts talk non stop about this very important product called ‘sunscreen’, let me tell you what the dictionary defines it as

A cream or lotion rubbed on to the skin to protect it from the sun.

Everywhere I heard of it prior to August 2020, the reason why you are supposed to use it is that it prevents your skin from aging fast and I couldn’t really be bothered about spending thousands of naira {cheapest I’ve seen of good quality especially SPF 45 and above cost about 7,000naira} on something to stop me from aging that is a natural phenomenon. I completely thought it to be a waste of money and that people were only going crazy about it because of the joys of finding something new to rave about.

Then one day, my friend who is a certified skincare expert decided to send me some skincare goods from her PR stash and snuck in a tube of Missha Aqua Sun Gel SPF 50++. I was excited about getting the products, I mean who doesn’t like some skincare products to pamper their skin. I didn’t really pay much attention to the sunscreen yeah, I used it occasionally until one day, one of the amazing content creators I follow posted this

Immediately I saw this post, I went ‘aha, I have same’ and I fall into the category of those that have quite a number of it. Earlier on, years ago, I had researched on how and why I have moles all over my face and what I got from my research was that it’s hereditary so I ran with that because my mom has it too but this post strike a new urge in me to read about it again and I discovered that with use of sunscreen, however hereditary, this can be controlled and appearance/occurrence very minimal. On reading that, I started using my sunscreen very often and not only am I loving it so far, I’ve noticed an improvement in how my skin looks.


I’m currently using the Missha Aqua Sun Gel SPF 50++. It smells strongly of alcohol mixed with a sort of sharp, artificial floral fragrance. The alcohol is definitely the dominant note and by the time the sunscreen is dry, the smell completely fades off.


I’ve now used the Missha All Around Safe Block Aqua Sun Gel for about five months now, one of the first things I noticed is that when I go out and come back home, my complexion on my face remains the same unlike in the past where although it fades away quick, I get sunburned and also, I’ve not gotten any new mole growths on my face. I love that it’s really lightweight, water based which makes it very easy to rub in without leaving any white or purple cast.


Apparently this product is quite popular amongst Nigerians as I’ve seen quite a number of people talk about it but I got mine from a friend as stated earlier who also retails in her beauty supply store BEEOLABEAUTY. I’d advise everyone to shop from there as I can guarantee the authenticity of the product and also, being run by a skincare expert who provides consultations to clients, you will be advised on best practices and what products go well together so instead of this particular brand, she might recommend another.

It’s been such a long time since I did any product reviews and I’m so happy I pushed myself to do this with an extra nudge from my ig fam. I do hope I keep this up and if you’d like me to review any products or service or even just want to hear my opinion on any topic on this blog, do not hesitate to let me know okay?

Thank you so much for reading to this point and do have an amazing Sunday in advance.

Do you currently use sunscreen and which brand do you use? Do let me know by leaving a comment below…


  1. I use the Neutrogena Cool dry Sport, I started using Sunscreen irregularly 2yrs ago but I used it religiously last year and I saw the difference in my skin. Great blog post 💯


  2. I don’t use a sunscreen, I’m like the former you who didn’t think using it was necessary, but now I think I want one, enough of blackheads!


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