Guess who’s back? Yes me hahahahahahaha {laughing hysterically to hide my shame}. Anyway, happy 2021 my darlings, super excited for this new year because it’s an opportunity to a fresh start after how 2020 went. Also a fresh start for me and this blog, I can’t believe how inconsistent I was last year and I’m hoping with this new year/new opportunity I can correct my mistakes and be frequent here as much as I think about it in my head.

While people were making new year resolutions, very realistic me was busy making a wishlist for the new year because as an upcoming #RichSexy2021 babe, I be needing an upgrade on a few things and thought to share this with you incase you’re confused on what to add to your own wishlist…


As you guys might already know, I now live in my own apartment. It’s been one whole year now and I’m barely anywhere as regards decor but here’s a few things I’d like to add :


The list for this is endless, I WANT EVERYTHING but there’s a few thing that have been on my mind for a while now and it’s only right those are the things I’m focusing on getting :


Asides from wanting graphic liners particularly from fentybeauty, the other items on my wishlist are from Nigerian brands and that has me very hyped!!! These might be the first things I tick off this wishlist :


Is it obvious I’m a #ririnavy yet? Well I am especially since we became best friends, so it’s only right I want everything from fentyskin :


I can be very basic when it comes to clothing but I love me my glasses, bags, jewelry as they help elevate my outfit and here’s a few I’ve got my eyes on :


This is a tricky category in my life, right now due to covid 19 and fact I actually don’t like large gatherings, I could care less about fancy party shoes because I ain’t going for any parties {y’all invite me though} and I’m only looking to adding chic comfortable shoes to my closet like these :


I’m not big on tech, everything I want is mostly for work, periodt.

MacBook Air 2020
Canon 70d + f1.4 50mm lens
AirPods Pro + case to match

Other things I want badly? Well scholarship to study at FIT, a Canadian passport a trip to Mexico and lots more.

I hoping for a bountiful year financially and I wish same for you too amongst many other things. Cheers to building our relationship on this platform from where we stopped and to a blissful new week.

Which of these items do you have on your wishlist too? Which will you be adding? What will you like to read more about on this blog this year? Let me know by leaving a comment in the comment section below.


  1. I’m so glad we have a new post on the blog. I really missed your posts last year. Now coming to the wishlist everything is just gorgeous. I have a DSLR camera on my wishlist too plus a MacBook and the Chanel cruise sandals 🤩🤩. The only thing I’ll love to add to mine will be the lisasaysgah slides with the cow print they’re so dreamy.

    Thanks for sharing your wishlist I got the chance to discover some new pieces that are now on my radar……


  2. And Sis, this is my official application to join the #RichSexy2021 club as a RichSexy boo…. because rich and sexy are my middle names 😂🤞🏾


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