If I got a dollar for how many times I get questions about having a well curated Instagram feed, I’d be chanting ‘you know say money no be problem’ all the days of my life. I got this question again over the weekend and decided to make this blogpost sharing the easiest way to have a good looking instagram feed which is having a feed theme and what better way to help you choose a feed theme than sharing with you FIVE INSTAGRAM FEED STYLES


Example @romeofashionfix

This is the easiest one of them all, with this feed style you do not necessarily have to plan your feed or posts. As long as the same editing technique is used or filters on every photo you’re putting out, be sure that your feed will look cohesive and pretty.


Example : @uchjn

Posting the same type of content automatically gives you a good looking feed. This one is for people with very specific niche content like flatlays, food, travel, makeup etc. This won’t work for you if you are a lifestyle content creator as your content is bound to vary.


Example : Jasminedowling

This is basically picking one color and basing all your content on this particular color. This one is a bit hard to achieve, I’d rate it the toughest of the five but if you can pull it off, it’s so beautiful.


Example : Kehindesmith

This is my favorite one because it’s the easiest to do {I’m a lirru lazy} and the most appealing to me. This way you can easily show other sides to you or other interests asides from images of yourself. This is a lifestyle content creator/blogger favorite.


Example : Chainkyr

This is the feed style where you post three of the same photo or similar photos on each line of your feed. This is mostly used by photographers or artists to show different image variations of the same set to show of their skills. This might be less interesting for content creators but there are still quite a number of people that have hacked this style and kill it.

Here’s my feed…

Just thought to also show my own feed as not only the I implement feed style number four, I also try to follow a particular color palette in my posts. In my opinion yeah, I’d so don’t stress this whole feed thing too much and just do what comes naturally to you as that will be sustainable over time, help you build a trusted audience as people will follow you because they can relate to whatever you are offering on your feed and also makes the content creation process seamless. I hope you liked this post as much as I liked writing it. Do you let me know in the comments which feed style is your favorite, looking forward to hearing from you.

Thanks for reading, love always…


  1. The one colour palette is my fav. One self post, one filler post and the same filter post comes next. They look easier to execute.


  2. I came here after reading your post on IG. I’ve only recently started giving some thought to my row flow on Instagram. I kinda posted at whim without thought for cohesion the way I know now. I was using the same filter but each picture looked different because the background, outfit etc were different.

    Anyway, I’ve read a lot about this and there are so many ways to do it lol but I’m not there yet. I love your page though. Your feed is also clean, great quality images and you stay slaying. Thanks for the post.


  3. Love this breakdown! You really should publish a book on this stuff. I know you have an e-book.

    ps. You’re very hard to reach. Been reaching out to you for a partnership. I’m guessing my email got buried in your inbox and my DM is in your outbox 🙂 Just nudging here. Would love to work with you.


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