Hi, hi, hi, yes it’s me your favorite sis again with yet another blogpost. It’s a new week and I’m super excited about it and I hope you are too? I know I promised to be more consistent in my last post but it was my birthday two weekends ago and I’ve been so carried away enjoying myself so much that I suffered serious exhaustion this past week. Thankfully I’m here now and with this blogpost sharing about my top 3 current favorite summer trends and how some of my faves styled them…

What I’m Wearing :

Full outfit : Thrifted {}


I wore this hat out recently and I got tons of compliments and a lot of funny comments. Someone said ‘sister this your cap is fine oh, you dey go beach from here?’ when I wore it to the market and I burst out into a loud a** laugh. I apologize in advance to the skincare gods as I do not use any sunscreen but this hat has been my way of blocking out the sun on the few occasions I’m out.


I am completely obsessed with this trend, it’s definitely my favorite out of all three trends. I shy away from colors sometimes because I feel like they draw too much attention to me but the mix of colors on tie dye tshirts are totally irresistible, they keep drawing me in and when I found one while thrift shopping, you bet I grabbed it ASAP before someone else does.


I can’t even explain all the weight gain I’ve been experiencing this year, I’ve decided to blame it on maturity as it’s definitely not food because if you know me you’d know I can go days without eating if no one offers me food or reminds me of it. But thanks to my even thicker thighs, wearing denim has become very uncomfortable and I’ve been sticking it out with lighter weight fabrics so it’s been super exciting to see that those kind of shorts are making a high rise on the trends chart this year because for me, comfort is always going to be key.

Writing this post had me a little nostalgic as when I was in boarding school, this is usually around the time of the year when we close for the section and can finally go home to be reunited with our families. I know that this year has been off, tiring and not as exciting as we expected which I’d equate to times spent in the dorm but now it’s time to enjoy what’s left of the summer or year and make the most of it. Using this opportunity to wish you an amazing week ahead, do let me know if you liked this post and which one of the three is your favorite.

Thank you for reading, love always…


  1. First to come today!💃🏾
    I love the tie and dye outfit more, then the biker short style… but I won’t be able to wear it if my jacket isn’t long enough Cos’ I can be sensitive about my bum!


  2. Very beautiful. Huge fan of tie-dyes as I’m a textile artist. Biker shots and oversize coats are issa WiN Win.

    You rock Sis! 🔥 Xo,Xo


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