Happy world social media day!!!!! There is a day for everything in this world in my opinion and this is one I’m very excited about. Growing up, I was one of those no future ambition kids, I’ve never really wanted to be anything till I got my first job as a social media intern. From the very first moment I tried my hands on what it’s like working in social media during that job interview, I immediately felt a sense of purpose, the type that screamed I belong here and since then there has been no looking back for me. It’s been over five years now and all I can say is for sure is that I’m thankful that social media exists.

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Social media as an entity gets a whole lot of backlash and honestly, I don’t think social media is the problem exactly but the people and how they are making use of this tool called social media. In celebrating social media day, I’ve reached out 3 amazing creatives who Imare making great impact in their individual creative field and I have seen put the power of social media to very good use to share with us how social media has been a positive impact on their lives…


“First of all Social Media has been perfect for me as a person because i’m an introvert, especially in this place called Lagos, Nigeria. Most of my social interactions are online via my various socials, and that’s how it began, first with Twitter then I got on Instagram. Thankfully, I started early enough, mainly just for fun and to cure boredom, who knew it would grow to be this huge currency it is at the moment. Just as you tell your friends your plans, I posted a lot of my plans and dreams online, and a lot of people supported the idea of photography (I was a graphic designer then, barely anyone knew, i think) and I began working towards it, puting my amatuer works out for feedback and just casual content. And that was the genesis of it all. My network has grown from word of mouth from one follower to another, from one mutual to another, and that’s how my business gained ground, mainly from the love I was shown online, and still is the same till this day, because I barely leave my house, this has been my medium to showcase constantly and market. Even to personal social interactions, it has been mainly through the same medium, until Lagos traffic disappears, which isn’t happening soon. So yeah, social media has been great to me and I won’t be where I am as a person/business if not for it. It has its downsides, but if you are smart enough and studied it, you’d easily move through”

Anny Robert, Lagos based photographer who specializes in fashion, editorial, events, portraitphotography etc with a nack for creating timeless images that transcends time. See his work here



“Social media has helped me with fundraising efforts. I think in my time on social media I have been able to raise over 20 million naira for different causes. I’ve found a sounding board and starting audience for my podcast (which is one of the most popular podcasts in Nigeria thank you very much), I met my business partner on twitter and made MANY friends. It’s also made me curious about a variety of topics and ideas and challenged the way I think about social issues. So yeah, I really think the pros have outweighed the cons for me.”

JOLA AYEYE, the conversation queen, head of development at saltandtruthtv, a media and broadcasting production company. She is also one of the two women that who are behind the greatest podcast in the world full of opinions nobody asked for. Listen to their new episode here


“I don’t think it’s a reach to say I wouldn’t have the career I have now if not for social media and I mean that in multiple ways. Social media helped me discover my voice, and helped me find a community that was for me. I fell into Instagram during the lowest point of my life and through it, I found my best friend, started a blog which was how I discovered I was a pretty good writer and then found people who were like me – Nigerian, queer, creatives and has similar perspectives on life. When I look back at the significant changes and growth I have experienced in the last three years, social media played as much part as my talent in making that happen because I would have been just another guy with the potential if not for social media that connected me to the right people and community. I also wouldn’t have met my partner so there’s that.”

VINCENT DESMOND, culture writer whose work has been featured in Vice, Nylonmag, Papermagazine, Dazed, i_d etc. He is also the editor & publisher of anastyboy. See more of his work here

From what they have all shared, it’s very evident that social media has been such a great invention and if you use it well, the heights you can attain is nearly limitless. I hope you enjoyed reading this most as much as I enjoyed writing it? I have also previously written on social media etiquettes incase you’re wondering about good ways to use social media, you can read all about it here

Thank you for reading, love always…

Ps : Do not forget to share with me your thoughts on social media whether positive or negative and what you think of this post in the comments below, looking forward to reading from you.

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