After sharing a photo of my new rings on Instagram a few weeks ago, I’ve been getting questions about where I’d recommend for people who want chic yet affordable gold jewelry like the ones I own so in today’s blogpost, I’d be sharing with you, 3 jewelry brands to shop from for all your fresh out of quarantine looks…


where to shop durable and affordable jewelry

This is the most recent jewelry company I’ve shopped with and it’s because they came all the way through, that’s why they have been included in this blog post. I got a ring set from them and the transaction was seamless. From online receipts to the professional conversations and prompt delivery, EGG-SELL-LENT. They are a very affordable brand but my favorite thing about this brand is the pieces are handmade which pushes my sustainability and ethical fashion agenda.


It’s not hard to see why I love this brand right? I mean they fit perfectly well with my aesthetics, what more could I ask for? Now I Stan this brand because they actually provide me with so much more value. I love the uniqueness of every piece, the amazing young black girl that runs the brand and how I can go to their Instagram page and be lost in its beauty. All the jewelry I’ve bought from them have lasted till date asides the ones the jewelry fairy came to take away at night.


Trendy and chic yet very AFFORDABLE? Then this is the brand you need to know!!!!! I just discovered them and it’s been such a lovely journey of falling inlove with a very wide range of jewelry. My favorite thing about this brand is that they have something for everyone and also a WALK IN STORE that you can go to and shop if you have issues with delivery fee {can’t be the only one this thing annoys right?}.

There’s nothing as beautiful as finding the right gold jewelry without having to break the bank. I thing I always do is to ask about the base metal of the product I’m purchasing to make sure it’s none tarnish or not something that will fade off easily because what’s the point spending money on jewelry if it won’t last. As the outside is gradually opening, it’s important to still stay very protected and conscious about your hygiene and way of life.

Thank you for reading, love always…

Have you shopped or heard of any of these brands? Do let me know and share your thoughts with me.

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