I am a very huge fan of art, art in all its forms and the one I seem to understand the most is photography. I’d honestly be a photographer if I wasn’t afraid of being a jack of all trades {which I am already} and don’t want to add another thing to the list of things I already do so I for now I’m just going to be on the side lines {read as creative director/art director} and gassing up the amazing people who have the guts to pick up the camera and create images that pause time and give us memories to look back at. Thankfully, due to advancement in technology, a lot of young people have been able to break into the photography scenes and are absolutely killing it. I think the hardest task you can give me right now is to make a list of my favorite photographers because there is someone or people I like in each category ranging from portrait, wildlife, fashion, street photography, etc – and it has been such an amazing thing to see young people like myself make a name and a career out of this especially Nigerian photographers.

However, I found an article that shared 20 black photographers that are capturing the beauty of modern Africa and I quickly dived into it because I was eager to see which Nigerians made the list. While I am very happy and proud of the ones featured, I was a little disappointed not to see any Nigerian and since that day, I decided to write an article highlighting Nigeria photographers by myself and that’s how this blogpost was as born, a list of 13 Young Nigerian Photographers that I have worked with in the past four years of being a content creator/ creative director etc…

1. AdebayoPhotographer

If you are looking for a high fashion photographer, then this is your go to guy.


2. AndikanEdwin

A very easy to work with photographer, very passionate and the images he takes with his smart phone will blow your mind.

3. BolajiOdukoya

I’ve never really been a fan of indoor photo sessions but working with him made me have a different outlook on indoor/studio shoots considering the images we created together.

4. BuchWithLenses

Having attended Alevel school with him and then to the same university, you can tell I was super excited seeing him capture images of superstars like Burnaboy. I’m ever so proud of his images because of how raw they are, you’d almost think the person is right in front of you. With every image he puts out, I fall deeper in love with his work and black skin.

5. ByIyesogie

I hardly ever get nice pictures of me at fashion week because I always miss streetstyle time but last year, she took one image of me that I loved so much I had to book her to shoot me for blogposts as that’s part of the service she offers. She is a budding photographer and I can’t wait to see her kill it in this industry.

6. Ipinayo

I can add stylist to my portfolio thanks to this amazing woman who believed in my abilities even when I never in my wildest dreams imagined I’d be able to style twins in several yards of tulle back in 2017/2018. It’s amazing to see her content evolve and watch her grow. Having a wedding? You better call her!!

7. ManVibess

I owe the success of my blog to this wonderful photographer. I’ve been working with him for over 3 years now and it has been nothing short of great content everytime. Asides from shooting me for my blog, he is fantastic at portraits and also look book images.

8. NJCWorks

Sometimes it’s unbelievable what she has accomplished at such a young age, now into videography, she is an amazing all round creative and it’s makes me super excited to see her living out her dreams.

9. Olanrewaju_V

Recommended him for two jobs between November last year and December and on both occasions, the clients were very pleased with his work. He is such an amazing cool headed dude it’s no wonder he is super easy to work with so if you have any events coming up or even just want a corporate portrait, then reach out to him.

10. SopeAdelaja

Yet another superstar that I’m so glad I’ve gotten to know, work with and experience his love for photography. His work is one of the cleanest I’ve seen it’s no wonder celebrities rush to him to capture their red carpet moments.


11. SylviaChukuStudios

Yet another woman who let me style her first ever shoot in Nigeria and I’m super glad for the opportunity because of how perfect her work is. I can’t wait for the photos to be out but in the main time, get to know her because she is the next big thing judging by the excellence her work exudes

12. TheLexash

This is one of those photographers who have left a huge mark in our hearts with their work so much that wherever/whenever you see an image created by him, you know it’s him hence why he is highly sought after. His work has evolved over the years and it has only gone from better to even better which is why I stan. Also love seeing creatives show they they can do more than one thing as he is now a musician too.

13. ___TSE

So funny how he is the last on this list because he is the very first photographer I ever worked with, talk about saving the best for the last. This is one photographer that creates pure art, no wonder all your faves want him to shoot their album covers etc. Even in the photography industry, this is that photographer that other photographers have no choice but to admit that he does a fantastic job merging photos and graphics. There’s absolutely no need for me to talk too much, just google him, periodt!

There goes my list, I really hope you enjoyed this blogpost as much as I loved writing it. For me, it’s very important to always put people on, people like me because what’s the point shouting about giving black people opportunities when you are in a position of authority and do not mention the names of other people in your community or circle. Writing this post had me thinking back to my struggle days as a fashion blogger {here’s my first blog} till this day and all I see is growth. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for myself, the amazing people featured in this blogpost and even YOU reading this up to this point. Now more than ever, it’s time to use our voices in every way and be the change that we want to see.

Thank you for reading, love always…

Which of these photographers do you know and who do you think I should add to my list? Let me know in the comments below👇🏾


  1. You missed to add Theportraitassassin 😏. These are really amazing talents…thanks for celebrating Nigerian photographers


  2. I loved the post I know TheLexAsh and ByIsogie. There are quite a number of photographers I love and I’ll like you to check out, but first start with lucasugo, riyalty photography, and theseyekehinde. Amazing talents!


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