Happy new week lovely, hope you week is off to a good start? Well mine is and I’m about to pass off that good energy to you!!! It’s been on my mind for a really long time to share songs I’m listening to, songs aside from the mainstream music that’s on the chart, you know something new and fresh to your ears that is sure to get you excited and lift your spirits. In other to get the best out this segment on my blog, I’ve decided to also ask my twitter fam for music recommendations too so I’m not biased to just sharing music by Justin Timberlake {y’all know he is my fav}. I’ve been singing along to these 7 recommendations of all the ones I got and I’d be telling you what day each is perfect for…

Because what we ain’t doing at the beginning of the week is giving up right?
Here’s a motivational speech for you but with beats. This song was recommended by @Ad3damola
Tuesday is kinda a weird day and that’s kinda the type of guy I think Sam Smith is hence my choice. This song was recommended by @AhBiola
Hump day vibes? This song is it!!! Perfect song to pamper yourself to as per woman crush day. Drink wine, eat grapes, shave your legs, cook, face mask etc
This song was recommended by @_uchayyyy_
Throwback Thursday to all the heartbreak you’ve ever had to endure, this song says Over It and I completely agree. It’s time to get your power back!! This song was recommended by @meejakes
I belong in the group chat of those that stop answering the phone when it’s time to turn up on Friday nights {don’t judge me, I hate stress please} This song was recommended by @angusokereafor
Saturday means end of the week right? Well away with the old as we get ready to try again in the coming week. This is a no giving up zone okay?!
This song was recommended by @deni_snr
Love thy neighbor as thy self is the greatest commandment right? Well here’s a letter to a brother with some really cool interesting beat.
This song was recommended by @angusokereafor

So here’s a little disclaimer, I’m not some music pro, I honestly just love beats used in songs hence why these ones of all the recommendations I got really caught my ear-ttention. To make listening easier for your, I have created an Apple music playlist with all the songs, you can just listen here. Thank you so much for reading this and if you’d like more posts like this let me knowwwwww. I’m looking forward to knowing which song is your fav or which you’ve previously listened to, do share with me by leaving a comment in the comment section below.

Love always

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