I’m super excited for this week, actually I’ve been looking forward to this week because it’s the week I launch my latest ebook {where I have shared all the apps I use for content creation} and also because I had planned to take lots of images too. So far so good, all my plans are going well and this has me so hyped. Shooting content at home has been my way of enjoying staying at home and it’s been the same for so many other creators hence why I decided to share this blogpost on new spots for your next home shoot that you might have never thought of so we never run out of content ideas…


Image credit zara.com

Yes we know your room is cute but take us outside, show us your view if you have one because I’m sure everyone will be happy to see what outside looks like beyond their own gate.


Image credit zara.com

This gives a very elevated feel to an image {pun intended} you should absolutely try it to show off your pajamas pants.


Image credit zara.com

Perhaps, even you might not know what the emergency exit of your house/building looks like, now is the time to explore and maybe take a picture or two. You can be certain it will be new content to your audience because I doubt anyone has been taking pictures there before now


Image credit zara.com

If you grew up in an African home like me, you’d know it was a taboo to put your feet on the couch let alone jump on it but now you’re grown, how about you do something daring in the comfort of your house while serving us content? Ps : if you get caught, don’t say my name okay?


Image credit zara.com

Every passing day you’re on the internet talking about how you are a ‘snack’ and a ‘meal’ so show us and get on the cooker {insert laughing emoji here}. But seriously though, this is such a cool way to show off your new house shoes or the new shoes you bought for when it’s safe to be out. One thing is certain, an out of the box location like this will definitely get you lots of traffic whether good or bad

Inspiration is literally everywhere, if you keep an open mind, you would never not be inspired to bring your dreams to a reality. This post was inspired by an endless scroll on the Zara website due to comments made about how hilarious their product images are and of course I ran over to the website not to shop but to feed my creativity. I hope you enjoyed this post and had a good laugh too? I just might do a part two but only if you like it so let me know in the comment section below and also which location is your favorite, looking forward to reading from YOU.

Thank you for reading, love always


  1. Hi Sis , the on the cooker got me laughing . Definitely posting this for my shoe brand tommorrow. Thanks for the expo & congrats on your new home. Pls only share a tour if you feel comfortable to do so . Your reasons are super legit


  2. Siainstyle this is the most creative post I’ve read so far. You just inspired me to take my pics to the next level at the same time inspired to to constantly feed my creativity to achieve mind blowing effects. I just love what you did with the Zara images. People saw it in an ordinary sight and you made it a spectacle to behold and that’s true creativity. You’re really awesome sis.


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