In this Instagram post, I spoke about how happy I am that Instagram is championing the support small brands movement and also how hard it has been running my own small brand before the pandemic and now. One major way to actually support small businesses beyond the Instagram tag is to continuously talk about them to people, spread the word about their services as that will bring them potential clients which is why I decided to write this blogpost to highlight three brands getting a piece of my next pay check…


I already featured Kaicollective in my five female owned brand to shop from in 2020 so it’s no surprise that I have them in my wishlist, I mean have you seen the Gaia? I’m not a fan of body on dresses so I’d be getting the top instead, hopefully they restock.


If you know me you’d know it’s gold accessories or nothing and shop.raenna is my go to for unique, chic, long lasting, statement jewelry. The price point is fair especially for the quality you get and I’m in love with the brands aesthetics. Currently craving new earrings from them as I have snapping more photos of my fingers lately.


Spending more time at home has me wanting to do more homely stuff like decorating, burning candles, drinking wine etc and which other home fragrance brand will I want to shop from if not one by a fellow blogger and friend? I absolutely love what Chinju is doing with her brand and honestly can’t wait for my jasmine jar to be in my home.

So now I’ve shared the brands on my wishlist, I asked my instafam to share small businesses they support and here are some other brands you should absolutely check out too :

@teesbyfeliiiii @virtueclothiers @zizathecap @naturaltendrils @homeandthings @ellaemmanuel @iwade.brand

Also, thank you so much for reading this post, it’s a big support for my own brand which is this blog, I absolutely appreciate you all. My blog stats this year is double that of last year, I know it might be because I’m publishing more content now but majorly because YOU having been reading it, THANK YOU. I hope you enjoyed this post and do feel free to leave a comment sharing about a small brand you love, let’s keep the support going.

Love always…


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