These have been very trying times because absolutely nothing can ever prepare you for such a time as these. No one predicted this or could see it coming, there was absolutely no warning sign and this will definitely be a story to be told to generations after us. We have been mandated to stay at home for nearly two months now and it honestly hasn’t been as easy as I thought it will be. I’m a typical homebody but staying indoors not on my own terms has proven to be quite tricky. Amidst all these happenings, there have been something’s that have made these times more bearable and beautiful so in today’s blogpost, I’ve decided to share them to encourage people to stay home as long as they can even though the lockdown has been lifted in my country Nigeria…


I was having a discussion today with my friend about how people in Lagos complain about how tedious work is and we both agreed that a majority of the tediousness comes from the struggle of getting to work and getting home from work. Being home these past days have given me a break from that struggle especially at a time when I was beginning to feel completely exhausted and almost at the point of just choosing to be a freelancer working from home.


Who would have thought that a time will come when I can take a stroll at sunset with my lover in Lagos without fear of people who drive without respecting pedestrian sidewalks? Who would have thought that there’d be free days when I’m not spending all my time resting in bed because I got home at 9pm the previous day? I absolutely love nature and even though I’m not a traveler yet, I can take these strolls and enjoy what nature has to offer me in my immediate environment. I mean I found a place full of log of woods that I’m currently planning how I get some for some diy home decor.


As I type this, I’m currently in my sweats {tbh it’s all for my bf} and the comfort level is 100. Having to pick outfits have been a little stressful as I just moved and haven’t brought all my clothes. I was hoping to recurate my wardrobe but due to being stuck at home, I can’t go thrifting so knowing I don’t have to dress up to get work done has been pure bliss {I don’t mean the biscuit}. I’ve been lounging and it’s been so cool.


Spending 4 years in the university hostel with no television in our rooms meant I had to watch the few movies I’ve watched on my old acer laptop but now that it seems I’ve finished watching Netflix {who can relate?}, I started to rewatch those old movies to fully enjoy them on a 4K tv screen and this has been amazing. I’ve watched spartacus and now started legend of the blue sea.


I had just deleted my old Instagram and started this new one right before the lockdown began so this afforded me time to create as much as I want. Work got real good this year, my income nearly tripled and I had to put in a lot more time in my job than before which led to me barely putting out content. With all this time on my hands, I’m creating everyday to pass time and the results have been amazing. I have gone from zero to over 2,000 followers on Instagram, my page views weekly averages at 4,500 now and it has just been so much fun being available to engage with my little community and other creators. I have put out more blogposts in this time that I did the entirety of last year and my blog stats is also booming with new subscribers too {subscribe if you haven’t}. Asides from me, I’ve also seen a lot of people start new things too from podcasts to tiktok to other really interesting ventures.

I’d like to encourage everyone to keep pushing, staying safe and not giving up. I posted a quote on my Instagram a while ago about how our mindset at this time is very important and how we have to make sure we maintain a positive outlook to life. Also remember that it’s okay to not want to do anything or be productive at all as long as that’s what is making you happy. Do let me know what has been keeping you going at home in the comment below, looking forward to reading your replies.

Thanks for reading, love always…


  1. Girl I feel you. I mean the comfort of song indoors is just on another level. Plus I’m not bored at all I got work and a lot of old movies to keep me engaged. And creating contents even when indoors is so much fun.


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