Inspiration comes from anywhere and everywhere, often times when you least expect it. I love finding inspiration in the mundane, the things that other people may not even notice let alone be inspired by. I’ve been craving an entirely new wardrobe since the start of this year but I needed to settle into my new house first before spending money on clothes that I already have tons of but what direction I wanted this new wardrobe of mine to take, I was completely clueless about it. I knew I wanted minimal, chic, less colors but visualizing it was so hard till one morning a few days ago while I was randomly scrolling through the vogue runway archives and stumbled upon the Calvin Klein 1996 collection that gave me clarity and that’s what this blogpost is about.

From the cut, the styles, the colors even shoes that made this particular collection whole, I have been able to nail down specific pieces and colors I need to introduce to my wardrobe to give me the clean, chic, minimal basic wardrobe I crave so I’d be sharing with you the 5 items I’m adding to my wardrobe inspired by the Calvin Klein 1996 collection, let’s get right into it…


I own quite a number of blazers but hardly really wear them because I’ve been shopping for cute blazers and not necessarily what I really need. Blazers are the easiest pieces that can transform a look from lounge wear to chic/work wear and as someone who loves easy peasy type dressing, I can use one, two or three blazers ASAP.


This is an absolute no brainer, I mean they are as functional as functional can get in fashion. You can wear them as a set and each piece individually with other items in your wardrobe creating new looks. I usually go to work three times a week and can already imagine showing up on Monday with a complete matching set, on Wednesday in pants of my set with a white shirt and on Friday, the top with a slip skirt, show me a better win win situation!!!


Knowing me, it might be hard to stay completely away from color so judging by this color full of neutrals, one way Calvin Klein was able to play with color still was introducing pastel colors into the collection and I’m completely here for this trick!!!!


I’ve always worked in fashion and I doubt that will ever change because I’m a complete fashion girl. Not to sound like all those people that say they’ve known what they’d be since childhood but I’ve honestly always loved working in fashion especially the privilege it gives you to wear whatever you want but one day my boss came to the office and said ‘y’all going to start wearing all black’ and that was the moment I realized I lacked the major key to a minimal wardrobe. Black pieces can be very key foundations to building an outfit quickly as it can almost {keyword ALMOST} be paired with anything. In this collection however, what I loved the most were the black dresses especially these two that almost every fashion house in recent times has a piece similar to. Once the lockdown is over, I’m definitely making them for myself {no shame in my game} and the best part is that black is slimming too…


I’ve always loved me my strappy shoes but I didn’t even think they were classic classic like that but seeing them worn with the collection and how the look so chic and effortless, I now know the exact type of shoes I’m buying to match my new wardrobe

And so, there we it. It’s so beautiful how this unplanned reading adventure of mine in attempt to studying how to stop being a faux fashion editor and being a real life one landed me solution to a pressing issue I’ve been nursing. I hope this encourages YOU reading this this new month to be more open minded to the inspiration that is around you and take it all in to be the best version of yourself. I’m thankful for the privilege to be able to stay in and safe at this time but I honestly can’t wait to start curating this wardrobe and sharing more on this journey to a more sustainable wardrobe with YOU.

Thank you for reading, love always…


  1. Calvin Klein has always designed the basics that end up as classics. He’s the blueprint to a truly minimalist closet while being sustainable as classic silhouettes ensure longevity of use. I would wear every single piece of the collection today and in the future and that’s a testament to his design ability.


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