Safe to say this is the most requested blogpost because I get questions about this everyday no jokes. Why I’ve been stalling you’d wonder, well since I decided to do this post I somehow haven’t able to get any decent selfies because although the photos still look very good, I somehow found myself always discarding them after staring at them too long till I find a fault as if I’m going to be sharing my tips, it has to be perfect. Thankfully today I’ve been able to get out of my own head after reading that ‘perfection is non existent’ so here you have it, my TIPS ON HOW TO TAKE AND EDIT YOUR SELFIES AT HOME


1. Moodboard/Inspiration : The first thing I always do is to fire up myself with loads of inspiration. Sometimes as creators, it’s easy to make excuses and not create content but I found that when I scroll through my Pinterest or instagram explore, I become very motivated to create. This also helps me decide what outfit to wear, hair or if to put on makeup or not which completely saves my time.

2. FIND YOUR LIGHT : I almost always take my selfies in front of the window because I do not currently own any artificial lighting and so far, that has worked. However, on rainy days this quite limiting so if you have artificial lighting, by all means use it, you get even better results when you combine both natural and artificial lighting indoors.

3. REHEARSE YOUR POSES/FIND YOUR ANGLES : Now that you’ve found your selfie spot, the next thing I’d normally do is to setup my camera {I always use the front camera, sorry to disappoint you} and just do different poses without taking any pictures. This helps me to know which pose looks good and which to do when I start to take the photos. This also helps save time and memory space because you’d only need to take a few shots as you already know exactly what to do.


In editing my selfies recently, I’ve been using only three apps Lightroom, Facetune, Vsco and here is exactly how I use each of them :

LIGHTROOM : This is the first app I import my pictures to. In this app, I adjust the light, contrast, shadows, colors, sharpness etc. This is the all in one app and the best part is that most of the important features for easy day to day editing is free as I use the free version.

FACETUNE : This is the next app I import the edited picture from Lightroom into. Facetune kinda has a bad rep as people think it’s for only reshaping the body but that’s the least of things you can do on Facetune. In this app, I smoothen some part of my skin that sharpening the image in Lightroom might have affected, take away unwanted objects using the paste tool, whiten my whites and make colors pop even more. Note that there are two types of Facetune, the paid one which is the one I use and Facetune 2 which is equally okay I guess.

VSCO : From Facetune, my photos final destination before hitting the gram or blog is vsco. I stopped using vsco for a long time, nearly two years especially since I found Lightroom to do all the editing work that needs to be done on an image but since I deleted my old Instagram and started this new one I now use vsco presets to maintain a cohesive edit throughout my page as I’m inlove with their film filters and I’m in a phase where I absolutely adore film photos so I’m using vsco to get the look. One major tip however is to add grain on a closeup photo using vsco. Sometimes after smoothening out your skin on Facetune, it might look too smooth and pore less which makes the image look unrealistic so adding grain brings back texture and vsco grain isn’t harsh and gives a clean look.

There you have it guys, my ultimate selfie guide and I hope you’ve learnt a thing or two. Do not forget to share this post with your friends too as we are all at home taking pictures to keep busy. I’m working on a very exciting project ‘A Playbook For Content Creators’ and I can’t wait to share it, this will contain all the apps I’ve ever downloaded and more which I think will be a very good resource for everyone to have fun creating content and I think everyone should look forward to that. On this note, have a very beautiful weekend ahead and share your photos with me using the hashtag #selfieswithsis

Thank you for reading, love always…


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