I have been wanting to write this blogpost for a while now, actually since last year but I have been lacking major motivation to do so. After speaking on a panel this past Saturday ‘spilling the tea’ on the business of creativity with FemmeAfrica, one thing that kept on coming up during the discussions was CONSISTENCY so on getting home, I went back to my drawing board and decided to write, write, write, write write on everything that I want because that’s how I got to the point I’m at in the first place.

In today’s blogpost, I will be celebrating ‘International Women’s Day’ which was yesterday with you by highlighting 5 YOUNG NIGERIAN FEMALE DESIGNERS YOU SHOULD SPEND YOUR MONEY ON IN 2020 so bring out your cards and get ready to shop…

BRAND : DENIKE ; founded by Denike

WHY I LOVE THE BRAND : The brand sources fabric from around the world but ensures that every garment is made in Nigeria thereby providing employment and empowering women artisans.

*This brand is currently on a break*

BRAND : ELEXIAY ; founded by Elley

WHY I LOVE THE BRAND : Crochet is far from conventional as regards garment making and that’s how the brand caught my attention. Not only are the garments carefully handmade, the styles are very now as opposed to the grandma styles crochet are popularly known for.

BRAND : KAICOLLECTIVE ; founded by Fisayo

WHY I LOVE THE BRAND : It was a huge deal for me seeing a fellow blogger go beyond being just a blogger and creating her own brand but that’s not my best thing about Kaicollective. If ‘self love’ were clothes, that’s what Kaicollective does with their designs. You wear a Kaicollective piece and feel like your best most gorgeous self immediately.


WHY I LOVE THE BRAND : I love me my bargains when it comes to clothes and every one knows this so it’s no surprise that’s how this brand won my heart over. The quality of their pieces and the very reasonable prices was almost unbelievable and you can’t blame me because with Nigerian brands, we immediately associate good quality with very pricey.


WHY I LOVE THE BRAND : In a few words, this brand screams class!!! Their use of different fabric, the cuts, the styling shows a very good understanding of fashion and that’s what I love to see, not to mention the price point too {insert chef kiss here}

If there is one thing that links all these women together and their brands, it is the will to use their brands to empower and uplift the voices of women, women like you and I, black women and knowing they are doing this in their youth is all the empowerment I need to keep chasing my dreams and working hard so in my own little way, I can show the girls coming behind me that we have all that it takes to be the change makers we seek.


thank you so much for reading this post, I sincerely hope it was worth your time. What kind of posts would you like to see on this blog? Do share with me by leaving me a comment below, I’d absolutely love to hear from you.

Ps : Let me know what your favorite woman owned brand is, let’s celebrate them too…

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