Happy new month darlings, I pray for you reading this that this month brings good tidings to you and yours. I was thinking of a befitting post for today and thought ‘hmmmm why not bring back currently I amas I know in my previous blogs drapedinbasics and whowhatfab, my readers loved it. Currently I am is a type of blogpost where I update you on what’s going on in my life at the moment but in a really cute brief way, kinda like a thinking stock post. So hope you are ready for this because Currently I Am

Wearing : All the clothes I planned to wear out to stay at home because by the time we are finally allowed to go out, they might not fit me anymore or I might not like them anymore. I own a thriftshop on Instagram @refinedlabels and that’s where I get all my clothes from. Okay, maybe not all but most of it.


Admiring : All the health workers working so hard this period to contain the damn virus. Knowing me well, I might back down and rather say home because I do not like pressure at all but look how they’ve all been so brave all over the world doing their best to help victims while exposing themselves to the various. Such an admirable act and I pray God guides them and keeps them safe.

Wishing : I had gotten my nails done before the lockdown. I bite my nails {very ashamed of this} and only having false nails can stop the urge from putting my hand in my mouth. Now I have to be extra conscious to keep my hands from going in my mouth.

Determined To : Completely pursue every single thing that my heart desires fully once things get back to normal.

Craving : SHA-WAR-MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. I can’t believe I’d have to go the next couple days without eating the best thing in the world, sighs.

Excited To : Be taking my first online course. I’m not very patient, so sitting in front of my computer just listening to someone talk isn’t for me until the Institut Français de la Mode offered a course in the Understanding Fashion : From Business To Culture. Week one has been amazing and insightful so far, we’ve had Simon founder of jacquemus share his story and now I’m just excited for what’s to come.


Anticipating : New season of Money Heist!!!! Can’t wait to see what the professor is going to do now he thinks they have killed his partner just a few minutes after professing his love to her.

Happy About : Writing this blogpost after fighting so hard with myself to continue writing in the absence of pictures. Spent time wondering how boring it must to be reading articles without images but I hope you understand the times we are in and I will do my best to get some images for the next post.

Appreciating : The fashion house that is DIOR. I’ve always been a fan of the brand but today they earned my respect even more after I read news that they opened up one of the factories to make nose masks for health workers.

DIOR coronavirus

Irritated By : How the government handled the lockdown. A lockdown is very necessary but giving people less than 24hours notice is completely batshit crazy.

Inspired By : Nana aka itsreallynana the social media editor of thecut. In this time of staying at home, thecut has been serving content and I’m loving it so much. Inspired by how they have been able to make the most of the situation and knowing Nana a fellow black young woman like me is behind all that has me hella inspired.

Thecut, itsreallynana

Planning To : Blog as often as possible and stop caring whether anyone is reading or not and just write my heart out!! Can I get an amen?

Loving : TylerJoe’s work from home posts, they are super hilarious, entertaining and my absolute favorite on Instagram right now.

Streetstyle photographer, tylerjoe , wfh

Regretting : Cutting my hair yet again. I’m craving braids seriously and I can legit do anything for my hair to grow right this minute.

Unsure About : EVERYTHING!!! From work to when this lockdown will finally end to when things will go back to normal to what I will do when things go back to normal. There is a whole lot of uncertainty in the world right now and it’s gotten me too.

Reading : A book on getting work done. Not sharing the title in this post because I have a post coming on books I’m reading so you should definitely turn on post notification if you’d like to see that too.

Listening To : Brymo’s new album titled ‘YELLOW’. I’m a huge fan of his and I was so excited about the release of this album. My favorite songs on the album now are Woman & Rara Rira.

Brymo, yellow, new album

That’s basically what’s going on in my not so interesting self isolation life right now. Do have an amazing new month lovelies, don’t forget to stay coming back to this space and leaving genuine comments, I absolutely appreciate it all.



Thanks for reading, love always…


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