Is it weird that I’m already planning all the things I’d do once this lockdown is over? Well I guess looking forward to the future is my own coping mechanism. It’s not been easy not putting my hands in my mouth because I’m a chronic nail biter and this time has helped me realize that doing my nails is the easiest forms of keeping my nails from looking delicious to my teeth and this had me opening a saved collection on my Instagram titled nail inspo. When I was creating this folder, the one person that popped up in my head is Cinnamonryan

This is because her nail design choices are perfect for a girl like me who loves colors but minimally, not into glitters and none of that extra long nails etc so I decided to share with you Five Nail Design Inspo for post rona times served to us by Cinnamonryan

1. The Sun And Her Flowers

2. Pastel But Make It Metallic

3. Graphics Art

4. Bringing Back The 70s

5. Indecisive But Make It Nail Art

I’m particular looking forward to trying out number 3 once I can go to the nail salon again. In the meantime, I’ve been doing my nails at home myself with already designed stick on nails I got from the supermarket, here is the one I have on presently and I absolutely love it. I’d like to use this opportunity to wish you all a happy Easter in advance and also to urge everyone to STAY HOME.

Thank you for stopping by, love always

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