Hello there you wonderful bunch, I hope you’ve had a truly amazing week and enjoying the weekend so far? Well I’m back again today with a little photo diary, an ODE to the women whose pictures I took two years when I wasn’t suffering from imposter syndrome and carried my camera around, that I’m still have, thanks to my iCloud. I decided to share 10 of my favorite images to remind myself of how much I enjoy taking pictures and in celebration of women history month

Exhibit 1 / This was taken for a fashion brand in October 2018
Exhibit 2 / Took Nicole on a tour of the Lekki art and crafts market when she visited Nigeria in 2018 and I took this photo as a memory Incase I never see her again as we met purely by chance.
Exhibit 3 / Took this at GT Fashion weekend in November 2018
Exhibit 6 / Taken backstage at the Lagos fashion week autumn winter presentation. I am super fond of this image because now the model at this time was a fresh face in the industry, now she has chopped off all her hair and worked with various brands globally. So heart warming knowing I didn’t overlook her when I first saw her like most first timers get.
Exhibit 7 / Fashion stole her smile I guess because she had to serve face. Take 2 from this day at GT fashion weekend in November 2018.
Exhibit 8 / Yet another from my shoot with this brand in October 2018. This was the people’s favorite when I shared images from this day.
Exhibit 9 / This was also taken at the GT fashion weekend. I was so drawn to her flying baby hairs.
Exhibit 10 / Took this backstage at the Lagos fashion week autumn winter presentation in February 2018. I remember being so proud of this because the model Uju, was then one of the best in the country.


Ms Rona aka the coronavirus leaves, I am definitely going to get back into photography as I clearly love it so much and ready to stop being in denial of how much alive I feel when I’m taking pictures. They have just announced a total shutdown for two weeks starting from tomorrow in Lagos, Ogun and Abuja and I sincerely hope that we can get back to our lives once the two weeks elapses. Do let me know what you can’t wait to do once we can go out and interact with other humans again in the comment section below and also let me know if to share more photo diaries too.

Thank you for reading, love always…


  1. Wow Ifeoma. So much talent all the images are wonderful.I’ll readily buy any of those to hung up in my room especially the one from the kids campaign shoot and the woman with the baby hairs so wonderful.😍


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