As you might know or not know, I live in Lagos Nigeria and due to Ms Rona {I bet you’re familiar with this sneaky lirru thing} we have been asked to stay home for the next two weeks. Because of this reason, I foresee an increase in the usage of social media because this is going to be our only means of interacting with people asides the normal phone calls and text messages hence why as a social media manager and should I dare say ‘guru’, I have decided to share with you 13 Social Media Etiquette to practice to make the most of this period…

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc are definitely not sites for dating, I think it’s Tinder you are looking for right?

If you follow me, must I follow you back? The answer is NO!! It’s not that I don’t like you or anything, I just don’t have to because you did.

If you ain’t got something nice to someone especially WHEN YOU WERE NOT ASKED FOR AN OPINION, please keep quiet.

To them internet trolls, I’m very sad for you. Please realise social media isn’t real. And go and play with real friends okay?

If you don’t like something or the type of content a person is sharing, you know where the unfollow button is, USE IT and save us all the stress. Also there is absolutely no need to message to say why you are unfollowing, we’re not dating.

When is it ok to unfollow someone? – When you no longer talk. – You’re no longer interested in what it is they do or believe in what they do and never be embarrassed for unfollowing, sometimes people change and move on, it’s never that deep.

Please don’t message anyone saying just ‘hello, hi, xup, howdy etc’, you definitely won’t get a response especially if it’s your first time sending a message. Remember we aren’t guys like that, it’s just social media.

Do not be unnecessarily personal with people. Like talking about peoples looks unless it’s a compliment, calling them middle names ie names that isn’t on their profile or names only close family calls them etc

The share option is to share content you enjoy with your own audience not for cheap gossip okay?

Do not give media/creative advice/criticism when no one asked you for it. I edit the way I do because I like it.

Is it creepy to like every image on someones profile? If I like all your images its because I like the content on your page nothing serious. So go all the way down the rabbit hole shamelessly okay?

We all have different beliefs, that’s the beauty of the World, but please do not push your views on me or my page.

Don’t be one of those ‘loving from afar people’, if you like someone’s content, SHOW IT.

There you have it guys,

I hope you enjoyed reading this and also took notes because we all gotta be on our best behavior so we can enjoy social media, make it less toxic and fun while we stay safe at home. Do feel free to let me know your favorite one and also feel free to leave some more etiquette for us in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading, love always…


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