Hey guys, like I mentioned in this post, I finally moved out of my parents house to my own apartment and it’s been two amazing months so far. I have been getting quite a lot of questions about the whole process and in light of writing consistently, I thought why not answer some of the questions in a blogpost? So here we are, I’d be answering the top five questions I got on Moving Out Of My Parents House

Question 1:

Just leave? Not on my life!!!!! This is actually a funny story because the government of Lagos state helped me convince my mom, who then went ahead to convince my dad. I’ve been wanting to move but didn’t find a house I liked till the end of January 2020 which coincidentally happened to be the time the government announced the ban of bikes and keke. I used to live on the mainland and work on the island cos with the ban came an even more tedious journey to and fro from work and as a caring mom, it’s in her best interest that her baby stays closer to work to avoid stress.

Question 2:

I just was. I had some money in my account from social media management for a couple of brands from 2019 and being a salary earner, I had just gotten paid at my new job which alone could afford me the rent. However, I’d say start saving if you really want to move. Look for houses you’d like within a budget you know if you save for a couple months, you’d be able to achieve realistically.

Question 3:

Not really, I found something in my budget but with decor so far, I’ve just been buying what I like at whatever the price. If I can’t afford it at the moment, I’m ready to wait till I am. It’s little to no wonder why I still do not have any wooden furniture at the moment asides my couch and work desk because I need all the wooden furniture to be cut from the saw wood.

Question 4:

Thank you!!!! I have been adjusting really well, I mean I went to boarding school then to a level school and then uni far from home so I’m really used to handling myself right. At home, I didn’t use to cook at all, so cooking has been quite challenging. I used to think I didn’t know how but spending time with my mom in the kitchen while she cooks left some kind of cooking skills in my head because all the meals I’ve made so far, stew, okro, egusi, have all been really tasty. The challenge really is knowing what to cook. Luckily for me, my estate is just perfect, I’ve got nice spots to take pictures when ms rona finally leaves, I’ve got supermarkets at a few steps from my house and the best part, a shawarma spot!!!

Question 5:

Honestly, I doubt I’d ever do a house tour because I have tons of other content that doesn’t include inviting everyone into my private space for no reason at all just asides providing entertainment and that’s not really what I’m here for. I’ve had someone tell me it will be nice to see a Nigerian house tour as most house tours are from those living abroad but if you check, a large amount of them do it because products in the house were gifted to them not in my case where its all my money and doing a house tour kinda feels like a ‘hey, look at my beautiful house’, get me?

Thank you so much for reading this post, if you’ve got more questions or would like to send me housewarming presents, do let me know in a comment below, thank you once again.

Love always…


  1. Hey Sis! Just sitting here imagining how you’re feeling about owning your space! 💃🏾 Congrats Sis!
    First off, this is definitely going to help me plan my moving out so well!
    Please let me know if there’s any piece I can afford to add to your space.🤗
    With love 💛 from My Confined self!🤕


  2. Hi
    Congratulations on your new apartment, I work on the Island too and going to work from the mainland is not easy.
    Can you please share the contact of your agent if you don’t mind.


  3. Hello, I was expecting to see pictures. Since I found out you moved out, I’ve been waiting for your house tour. Like dimma umeh, her house tour didn’t really seem like a “hey everyone, look at my beautiful house” it made minimalistic interior decors a yes thing in my own country, like something I can achieve. I really love the videos she put up. So I’ll be waiting until you change your mind. It’ll be so nice to see what your interiors look like because you’ve been posting a lot of interior decor pictures. Ifeoma School us please. Imagine getting most of your decors through thrift shopping too, you’ll really draw attention cause everyone basically loves the minimalist interiors but achieving it is expensive but when Ifeoma shows us how she achieved hers without breaking the bank!! Damn girl, who wouldn’t be interested??!!
    Love from Lilian


    1. Hahahahaha thank you so much for this really convincing comment, I’d certainly be rethinking this!!!! The sad part however is that I have barely Thrifted anything yet but I will and I’d definitely share. Thank you again for stopping by

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