Hey guys, I’m back again with another post and because we are stuck at home which means going out to shoot style posts might be on a hold till I figure out how to use my tripod. To make up for this, I spent a good amount of time the past two days scanning ‘NET-A-PORTER’ sale for things I can’t afford and it was so much fun, you know kinda like those YouTube haul videos where they spend so much and then return everything back…oopssssssss

Anyway, if I had £5000 to spend on updating my ‘social distancing wardrobe’, here are the items I’d definitely be buying from Net-A-Porter


Cutout dress, social distancing, work from home
I’m beginning to have a thing for blue and this I think is perfect to go on conference zoom or FaceTime work calls.
/cost : £325.50/

It’s raining season I guess from the rain today and I totally see myself in this. This you can wear all day and even to bed.
/cost : £358/
Ugh, this dress is a dream. I want it so bad I might actually have to sew it. I can imagine how comfortable it is and how perfect it will be to just lounge on my blue couch and chill.
/cost : £618/
Like I said earlier, I’m in a blue phase of style especially powder blue and this blouse is just perfect for all the endless coffee breaks to prevent yourself from sleeping all day instead of working from home
/cost : £320/
Anyone here joining church online? Well here is the perfect fit for stay home and worship.
/cost : £349.50/


This is I chose to keep my legs warm as I’m not a fan of socks
/cost : £597.50/
I’m planning a ‘wine and dance’ party with my partner because the party ain’t stopping and I think this is the perfect shoe for that occasion.
/cost : 297.50/
These are an essential, to run, around the house obviously…
/cost : £62.51/
Honestly, this isn’t for working from home, this I’m saving for when this pandemic is over to wear to brunch with my faves
/cost : £150/
Of course something blue, you aren’t surprised yeah?
/cost : £70.50/


Well, this might serve as a flower pot till I can go out.
/cost : £1290/
Carrying this from room to room with my snacks
/cost : £85.50/
Remember my black lounge dress, this will go perfectly with it especially to hide treats I don’t want to share with my partner
/cost : £202.50/
We all need a shoulder bag, whether indoors or outdoors, so this is my pick just because it’s satin
/cost : £267.50/
This is the money bag, since we can’t go to the banks anymore. Cute isn’t it?
/cost : £224/

Total Amount Spent :

Well within my budget, yayyyyy!!!

There you have it guys, my net-a-porter imaginary wardrobe update to work from home. Now it’s your turn, which of the items from my edit is your favorite if you are asked to pick just one? Do let me know by leaving a comment for me, I’d be looking forward to seeing your picks

Thanks for reading, love always…


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