So if you have read this post, you know that my goal of being consistent has been an epic fail but with deleting my previous Instagram and starting afresh, the urge for consistency has risen again in my heart thanks to the pep talk I received from Dami of whatdamidid.com

feel free to share it but don’t forget to tag me…

Thankfully, I discovered ‘microblogging’ and I thought it to be the perfect way to still share writeups that people will be interested in in this age and time where people claim to no longer enjoy blogposts and alas I figured quite a number of my favorite bloggers have been doing this for a while now. I’m really hoping doing this reduces the pressure of having the perfect blogpost and just sharing my thoughts on the thinks I like and opinion on matters dear to my heart with loads of fashion and lifestyle infusion

Now moving on, as some of you might already know, the goal of getting an apartment away from my parents has been achieved and I’m currently in the process of decorating *insert scream here*

One of the major reasons why I wanted to move was to have more room to create content without having anyone {read as my baby brother} in my space and the apartment I found is just perfect!! I will get into details on this later but today I’m sharing with you my TOP FIVE MIRROR OPTIONS. As a content creator, especially one that’s fashion inclined, a full length mirror is highly important to me because how else will I be able to share my #OOTD? So that’s why I decided to share this post with my options and why I like each one so you can help me pick which style to send to my carpenter…


image credit : Pinterest

This design is the ‘millennial’ minimalist dream. The arch apparently is an obsession amongst the minimalists of my generation so it’s no wonder I also caught the hype and now so inlove with it. I love it’s uniqueness but in a subtle way as opposed to the regular rectangular mirrors.


image credit : Pinterest

I am obsessed with gold, that’s no news hence way this made the cut. I can already imagine all the aesthetically pleasing photos I’d take with a mirror like this with a golden frame to match my accessories…


image credit : Pinterest

As much as I love gold, I’m a huge fan of boho decor especially wood finishing. To be honest, I’m completely obsessed with raw wood finished furniture and I’ve already added a few of those to my space so this will be a perfect match.


image credit : Pinterest

In a few words, ‘bad energy stay faraway’ and yes, basic is bad energy in my opinion. This irregular shaped mirror is that extra added touch to elevate your space and take it to a whole new level in the game of aesthetics. The #ootd will definitely pop and be more interesting with this from an Instagram point of engagement hahahahaha


image credit : Pinterest

So as much as I’m huge on design, I’m also big on functionality especially as it’s a small space and I need to be able to maximize living here and creating from here. I think a legged mirror will be perfect to move around different corners so people don’t get bored of seeing the same spot over and over again because with the others, I dare not move them around as I still suffer ptsd from my sister cutting her thumb on the morning of Christmas Day in 2019 while moving the mirror in our room around in an attempt to perfect her Christmas Day slay…

There you have it, my new found secret to consistent blogging and my mirror options. I’m going to be writing everyday till the end of March so be sure to follow my blog so you never miss a post in this time of staying at home. Looking forward to seeing which mirror you vote for, kindly leave me a comment below.

Love always…


  1. Yaayyyyyy. Honestly enjoyed reading this and congratulations on your apartment 💃🏽.
    I think the legged mirror or the one with wood finishing would be great!


  2. Congratulations on moving to your own place 🎉
    That is the dream.
    I love all these mirrors- never thought I would care that much about mirrors- but if I had to pick, the one with a stand will be it because it looks gorgeous and can be moved around which seems like a win-win to me.

    I realise how much I miss writing and reading blogs too. I really should go back soon.
    Hope you pick a mirror that fits your space as you’d love it to. ❤️


  3. Congratulations on the new place. I really love the irregular shaped mirror but, for functionality the legged mirror seems like the best option .

    Also I’ve been inspired by this post to join this microblogging challenge for the rest of the month.


  4. Moving to your own place is a big deal. You have really done well. Congrats!
    You deserve the best-looking mirror indeed. I love the irregular shaped mirror the most but the moveable one will be more advantageous.
    You can incorporate the two. make a moveable irregular shaped mirror!
    I don’t know if your carpenter can get that right but let him put his skills and creativity to work.

    My Local Adventures Blog xo

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