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One of the questions I get asked the most has to ‘where do you thrift shop’ and to be honest, I’ve never really paid attention to the locations in which I get most of the things I buy as I’m mostly always on the go but in today’s post I’ve tried to list a few places I can remember…


I get most of my items from here, you just have to be prepared walk around and not be pressurized into buying what you do not need by the numerous roaming vendors there. Favorite place for everything.


Under the bridge here is my go to location for my infamous vogue magazines that some how always feature in my flatlays. Favorite place for magazines and books.


Under the bridge at Cele one of my favorite spots especially on nights I’m out late as they start selling late in the evening. Favorite place for shoes and custom jewelry.


You can find really nice pieces here too but I hardly ever shop here because I’m only here for a few mins and I always like to take my time to look through items. Favorite place for bags.


I was here yesterday evening and I found out that there are people retailing really amazing items just along the rail tracks, I was almost going to get a certain pink blouse but I was in such a hurry. I can’t wait to go there again but I know for sure that you can find really interesting books at a good price there.


Yes around you!!! You know that shop with a heap of clothes and homewares at the corner in your hood? Walk in and I bet you’d be blown away by the amazing pieces you’d find like this the tripod I just thrifted today. Favorite place for finding gems.

I really hope this answers your question and I’d be sure to leave names of other locations that I find. Bear it in mind that there are only a few thrift shops in Lagos so you have to be ready to ‘bend down and select’. One of my favorite ways to de stress after a long week is to shop and if you’re like me I hope you find this post helpful enough.


thank you so much for reading this post, I sincerely hope it was worth your time. What kind of posts would you like to see on this blog? Do share with me by leaving me a comment below, I’d absolutely love to hear from you.

Love always…


  1. This is really cool ❤️❤️ Can I go with you the next time you are thrift shopping ☺️☺️ Hope you respond via email🙏🏽. hope u respond😁


      1. I just came across your blog and this is really interesting. I know you might have had the group shopping spree thingy already but I’ll really like to know if there’ll be another one pretty soon as I’m thinking of starting a thrift business. I would really like to shop alongside you.


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