I was going to publish this post yesterday but the universe thought it better to be published today because y’all could use some fresh fashion heat this rainy Saturday {well atleast if you live in Lagos}. As I mentioned earlier this week in my previous blogpost, I’m sharing about my top two fashion trends from summer 2019 and in today’s post I’d be sharing about the second but not the least one which is wearing your silk scarves as a top.

What I’m Wearing :

Top – Thrifted scarf {N100}

Skirt – Thrifted {300}

Bag – Thrifted {400}

Glasses – Thrifted {gift from vendor}

Shoe – Boohoo

The silk scarf is another trend that came into the fashion scenes from the past, I’m talking Hollywood Marilyn Monroe glam. In years past, the silk scarf was still in heavy rotation, draping around everyone’s neck or tied to their bag or even as a hair tie and fashion houses like Alexachung, Burberry etc dished out various yummy prints even high fashion brands like mango, Topshop, Zara etc weren’t left out in production. However, in 2019, the IT fashion girls decided they were bored of all their summer tops and wanted to dress up in their scarves as tops and I WAS COMPLETELY SOLD!!

I started my fashion blog back in December 2015 because I wanted to show young girls like me that they can be stylish and on trend on a budget and that is particularly why I love this trend so much. You absolutely do not need to break the bank to recreate this look. All you need to do is hunt down a pretty silk scarf that suits your skin tone while thrifting, thankfully they are usually very inexpensive and wrap the damn thing around your chest. I know girls with bigger boobs might argue that this trend isn’t for them but sis, get a bigger scarf and it will work too.

The ugly side of fashion if you ask me, it’s all joy and jolly until everyone looks the same and that is why I decided to drop the summer out of office look and pair my diy silk scarf top with a pencil knee length skirt to create a more in office back to work look especially if you’re still in recovery from being a hot girl all summer. All you need to do is throw on a blazer and no one will know you’re still observing summer at heart {pun intended}.

If I’m being realistic, this might not be easy to pull off if you live in Nigeria like me because we have to put into consideration unruly men who might try to loosen the tie at the back or the women who would make passing comments about you walking around naked but if you are daring, then you should totally give this a trial, you’d love the fresh feeling. I can’t wait for my next beach day to wear this again.


thank you so much for reading this post {AGAIN} What do you think of this trend? Will you be trying this out? What kind of posts should I do next? Do share with me by leaving me a comment below, I’d absolutely love to hear from you.

Love always,

Your Sis


  1. I really enjoyed reading this post. It was really creative. Guess I’m going to try styling the 🧣 as a guy in different ways. Thanks to you.


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