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Just before I start to bombard you guys with photos of my head, I thought to share why I cut my hair so I don’t catch y’all unawares. The initial agenda for this week is to share my top two fashion trends this summer that is coming to an end and in today’s post I’d be sharing about THE DENIM SHORTS TREND.

What I’m Wearing :

Blazer – Thrifted

Denim Shorts – Thrifted

Shoes – Asos

Bag – Thrifted

What is so special about them? Well, they are long, fashion statement and somewhat weird. I personally find these bottoms to be very sassy, because of their unique look. Honestly, I know from the very first sight, they look like shorts your funky grandma will wear, plus they look like the three quarter pants my mum used to make me wear as a child that I absolutely hated. Some experts say they look ugly, but I say they are an amazing replacement for the biker shorts which my thick thighs couldn’t dare go near.

This trend I find is for women who want to make a statement in the streets or at work {if you don’t have to dress cooperate} but do not want expose their legs. Thanks to the hem length these shorts are incredibly versatile and very realistic to wear around whether you’re going for elegant dinners, parties and weekend getaways. The only thing is to find the right cut, design and appropriate length, as you can go for a few inches above the knee or just across the knees.

They are also easy to wear with almost every top but my favorite way to style them have got to be with oversized blazers, I love the slouchy chilled look it gives.

Here are some of my favorite fashion girls in the long denim shorts :

If you ask me what my favorite thing about the long denim shorts is, it will be that it’s so ugly and this reason makes them look sexy and cool, don’t you agree with me?


thank you so much for reading this post {AGAIN} What do you think of this trend? Can you guess what the next trend is? Do share with me by leaving me a comment below, I’d absolutely love to hear from you.

Love always,

Your Sis.


  1. I thought i was going to read why you cut your hair. I absolutely loved the way you styled it. I struggle with anything midi, 3/4, knee length. I love either short shorts or long but guess who is about to try this look? Me!


  2. Heyy Siss!
    I really love your style, and the fact that it’s something I can actually try out. But damnnn!! Your pictures are also really great. Any camera recommendations? Or do you use a phone?


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