It’s absolutely safe to say I have found a blogging schedule that I can stick to for the time being and that’s posting once a week every Monday. I’m definitely excited about finding what works because I really want to get back to being as consistent as I used to be but I’m even more excited about SEPTEMBER!!! The first half of this year was just bleh, I took a long while to figure things out after uni but I’m happy I’ve got my groove back that’s why I’ve decided to do a life update and also bring back *drum roll* CURRENTLY I AM…

WEARING : Everything oversized. I absolutely can’t deal with body hugging clothes at the moment as I think the ability to suck belly has left me.

ADMIRING : All the women of color in tennis right now, from the OG Serena Williams who paved the way to the two young stars Naomi and Coco. This weekend was so emotional especially for the young ones, watching them compete with so much love was a sight to behold. Can’t wait to see how Coco grows in the game.

WISHING : I had a trust fund set aside for December rocks because it’s looking like it’s going to be a lit one this year.

DERTERMINED TO : Learn time management as I’ve got a lot on my plate and I’d absolutely love to come correct for each one.

CRAVING : Sugar!!!!!!!! Just started a 14days without sugar challenge and I’m panicking at how I’m supposed to survive a whole 14days without any sugar even my favorite coco pops. Tbh, this absolutely sucks but I’m on a journey to losing 10kg so I’ve got to commit. *wish me luck guys*

EXCITED TO : See what this next quarter has in store for me, it’s looking very promising and I’m here for it!

ANTICIPATING : Finding a house of my own. *shuuuuussssssssh don’t let me mummy hear this*

HAPPY ABOUT : ……….. ugh I can’t pick one thing I’m happy about because I’m happy about so many things but let’s just say I’m very happy you’re reading this today. YES, YOU!!

IRRITATED BY : How easily I get a cold these days. I guess it’s the devil trying to make me change my mind about moving to Canada but haq, haq, haq, haq because nothing can change my mind.

INSPIRED BY : These amazing black bloggers, go check them out.

PLANNING TO : Host as many events as possible before 2019 comes to an end. I absolutely love curating small fashion events and I plan to stop planning and bring all my ideas to life. Get ready guys because it’s going to be lit!!

LOVING : The color green but I bet you already know this especially if you follow me on Instagram.

AIMING AT : Getting to meeting on time today. Oh and also hitting 20k followers on Instagram, so do be sure to check out my Instagram and if you like it, do follow and share with the world.

READING : The subtle art of not giving a fuck. Hopefully I finish it this month because it’s actually a great book.

LISTENING TO : Everything by JoeBoy!!! He is an amazing singer.

That’s all on SIA lately. I actually thought I was out of content but I’m thankful for these type of posts that you can easily do at anytime. Do have an awesome new week and don’t forget to do things that will make this a September to remember.


thank you so much for reading this post {AGAIN} Do we currently share anything together? Do let me know your thoughts on these type of posts by leaving me a comment below, I’d absolutely love to hear from you.

Love always…