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It’s world fashion day today and I’m super excited. Why? You’d ask, well it’s because with fashion I’ve been able to live a life of purpose and for that I’m forever grateful that fashion exists. In today’s blogpost, I’m going to be answering one of my most asked question, ‘How To Find Nice Pieces While Thriftshopping’ because although fashion is a beautiful thing, it’s also causing harm to our environment and people are encouraged to thrift more.


Blazer Dress : Thrifted

Shoe : Asos

Bag : Online Vendor


Having knowledge of what’s trending in the fashion scenes helps to know what you buy and also helps you easily spot them in thrift shops or flea markets. For example, knowing that ‘pistachio’ {a beautiful shade of green that I’m obsessed with} is trendy at the moments has my eyes unconsciously on the look out for items in that shade. So if I’m at the market shopping and I spot an item in that color I’m going to move to it quickly.


Do you need more pants? Or is it dresses you need to stock up on? But hey, don’t just end your list at what items you need to buy, knowing what STYLES IN THAT ITEM YOU NEED TO BUY makes all the difference. For example, I need more jeans at the moment and I know from top one that ‘baggy jeans’ are making a comeback so I’m going to make a list including all the different types of jeans I need from baggy jeans to black skinny jeans etc, that way I’m focused on what I really need and I’m not carried away by all the other types of jeans in the stores.


Well yeah I’m a loner but this tip of going thrifting alone has nothing to do with that. I have found that when I go thrifting with people, they either get tired too fast or can’t search for what they want effectively hence that makes them demotivated and the energy rubs off on me, so most times when I go thrifting with people I end up not buying things I like or letting them have the good stuff I find because they can’t seem to find any for themselves. Thrift shopping is an act that requires patience, lots of it. From haggling prices, to rummaging through every heap or rack of items and for one to find the best items, you have got to dedicate time to searching, screening every piece, creating looks in your head on the spot etc.

I’ve been practicing these tips for a long while now as I’ve been thrifting for as long as I can remember so I hope it works for you too. Remember to be more ethical in your consumption of fashion goods, invest in quality pieces that can stand the test of time so that instead of them ending up at the landfills, you can pass them on, make another person smile and also make the world a safe place for humanity to continue to dwell. Once again, a very happy world fashion day to you, do have an amazing ahead.


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Love always…


  1. I agree with all the tips. No. 3 is probably why I haven’t started a thrift escort business. I can do it once in a while but regularly? Probably not.


  2. I can relate with all the tips given. The last tip is so true, experienced it first hand and I couldn’t stop being mad at myself that day. Thanks for this.


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