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Shall we just act like I didn’t just go on to get a whole new website and haven’t blogged in a while and just get straight to today’s business? No? Okay I thought so too…

‘Everything worth doing is worth doing well’

I expected to be in a different continent by this time this year and that really affected my thought process. Over the past months, all I’ve done was be mad at everything about still being in Nigeria that I didn’t want to create here, do anything that involved me being here and that affected my blogging career because I turned down so many opportunities and offers. Thankfully, I have friends that can call me out of my silliness and that made me rethink my entire situation and how I handled it.

What I’m Wearing :

Top : @refinedlabels

Skirt : @harvelastyling

Shoe : @boohoo

Bag : @refinedlabels

‘You don’t go forward by staying still, moving even when all seems still is what gets you ahead’

Your SIS

Well, I’m back and better for sure. A whole new website to match my new identity, my social media and also for all the amazing content I’d be bringing your way like this fire ORANGE + PINK combo that this blogpost is really about.

In the fall of 2015, the orange and pink combo became a thing. Every blogger and style influencer had an outfit picture in this color and I loved it so much. Being a minimalist, I thought I could never pull off the color combination because ugh, too bright for me but what better way to make a re-entry into the blogosphere than a color combo you dreaded, talk about facing your fears.

I paired this look with this bag that I recently thrifted. I love this bag for so many reasons like how it’s matches every look I’ve paired it with because it’s black and white, how affordable it was especially as shoulder bags are trendy but most importantly because it kinda looks like a Chanel bag and if you follow me on Instagram, you’d know how much I love Chanel.

On this note, I’d love to say don’t be sacred to try this color combination especially as a dark skinned girl because as you can see, it slaps. thank you so much for visiting this blog, bookmark it so you never forget


Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to visit my new blog, I really appreciate YOU, do keep coming back. Ps : It took me about two full sleepless nights to have this website up and I’d absolutely LOVE YOUR FEEDBACK.

Love always…


  1. Welcome back girl!!!
    This color combo I adore on you.
    Been trying to experiment more with colors so let’s see how that goes
    New website here for keeps🧡


  2. I wanna say “welcome back” so bad but I’m New to your whole blogosphere. Love what you’ve done with the place *wink wink


  3. This look is 💯🔥. You’re such an inspiration to a newbie blogger like myself. I’m so glad you didn’t give up but rather came back with 💯🔥. I’m loving this whole new vibe and I’m so glad that I’ve learnt yet another lesson from you. Can’t wait for more amazing posts on this new site.


  4. So nice to have SIS back on the blogosphere!!
    Love the play of colours in this outfit!
    Plus, you are serving FACEEEEE.
    I just relaunched my blog too. Pretty excited!
    I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us ♥️♥️


  5. Hallo Sis!! it is so good to have you back and with a beautiful new website too. I love Love your outfit and for real, I am lowkey envious of people who just wear two bold colours and move confidently. I’d be too conscious of what anyone around me is saying or thinks. Keep inspiring, i love this new space too!


  6. Just coming through to read the New Posts with the blog upgrade and I couldn’t agree more with SIS on fear of wearing bright colours!!

    I always freaked out when having to wear extremely bright colours for fear of having to look like a masquerade 😀.. Notwithstanding I have been trying to incorporate some of it into my minimal looks.

    Will try the pink and orange combo and share it with you!

    Thanks for inspiring SIS


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