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If you are following me on Instagram, you would probably have seen me mention that I’ve cut out fizzy drinks from my diet since the first day in May 2019. I made the drastic decision to stop drinking coke because I went thrifting one day and all the skirts I liked weren’t my size as I have added a lot of weight while not even eating as much as one would think, so people suggested that my drinking minimum of two bottles of coke daily might be the reason for the weight gain and I was ready to do anything to drop the weight asides hitting the gym. Today, it’s over a month since I stopped drinking fizzy drinks and in this post I’d b sharing 3 ways drinking more water has improved my life in such short time…


I’ve not really experienced any problems with my skin, I didn’t get puberty pimples and I don’t even get period pimples but however I’ve suffered from persistent blackheads, large pores and generally a lot of texture on my face. In few weeks of cutting out Soda, I began to notice a change, kinda like all my blackheads disappeared and my skin started to glow even more. Today it’s even so much smoother that I effortlessly get the glass skin look without any products asides Shea butter.


Yes this happened!!! I went from a size 30/31 waist to a 28 and I’m still consciously sucking in my belle till it goes back to a 26/27. I used to be so bloated all the time that I even holding my last breathe didn’t have any effect on my tummy. Today I’m comfortably wearing a skirt {video here} that I wore weeks ago that I couldn’t wait to take off because it was so tight on my waist I felt like the band was gonna cut me into two from my mid section.


I know this might be TMI but to accompany always being bloated, I used to be constipated on a regular basis because I hardly drank any water. Whenever I was thirsty, I’d reach for a bottle of coke instead. I thought I was living a good lifestyle, you know big girl always drinking drinks but thank God I’ve seen the light and also saved my household from traumatizing smell each time I had to… nvm.


– Add flavors to your water

– Add fruits to your water

I’m guessing you might be wondering why I shared this post, well it’s to educate people that think drinking water and minding your business is mere social media bants like I used to think too that it’s really more than words but actually a way to live better and enjoy life.

Love always…

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Are you a believer of drinking water? How has drinking water improved your life and any tips to drinking more water daily for beginners? Do share below, I’d love to hear from you.


  1. I ditched soft drinks for water when kidney issues seemed to be the thing. Although I haven’t gotten a skin devoid of acne, I now have a smaller waist and a flatter belly. My urine smells and looks better.

    One way that I force myself to take more water is by taking garri, pap, cornflakes. That way, I take in more water without knowing it.

    Well done SIS.


  2. I love drinking Sprite and will rather drink that when I’m thirsty than drink water. I am making a conscious effort to quit drinking it totally so my face can heal from all the blackheads and rough texture!!

    Hopefully my waist shrinks too like the way drinking water has


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