currently listening to AHAA | Tim Godfrey Asides from being the beginning of summer and a month closer to my birthday, there hasn’t really been anything special about June to me that would make it exciting but surprisingly this June 2019 I’m super excited. I kinda didn’t even know when I was the 1st of June because I was still basking in all the plans I have for this month so I thought to share with you all some of these plans as I noticed contrary to popular belief, when I share my plans, I somehow follow through with them without failing.

1. Firstly, I’d like to put an end to always apologizing for being a bad blogger and actually do something about it which is finding means to constantly update my blog like I used to in the past. It’s not that I suffer a creative block or I don’t have I don’t have ideas bursting through my veins, it’s just been a case of prioritizing and now I’m ready to fix that so expect more content from me this month onwards especially more lives on Instagram and also IGTV videos.

2. Am I the only one who takes photos more with strangers than with family and friends? I realized I have been best friends with someone for nine years now and I can count how many photos we have together which I think is a really bad thing. Since 2010, this person has been a part of all my fondest memories, I’ve had 11 camera phones yet no photos to show for it or preserve those memories so this month I’m going to make a conscious effort to take more photos and actually document moments with family and loved ones because those are the moments that truly matters.

{might share a few photos I take this month, anyone wanna see?}

3. I’ve been getting a lot of requests about starting my thriftshop, truth is I started a while back, sometime last year but school and work got in the way and I quit but I’m currently planning a relaunch and a shopping party to happen this month. Not fixed a date yet but I’m looking at the 23rd so save the date and schmoneyyyyyyyy.

4. Now it’s testimony time, your girl has finally broken the strong hold of being addicted to coke!! I started the month of May determined to cut down drinking coke as much as I used to and surprisingly it wasn’t as hard as I thought I will be. Although I’ve been adding ‘nutri c’ to my water most times so this month I plan to stop adding that to my water and actually drink plain water because I’ve noticed a lot of changes in my skin which I’d be talking about in my next post on Wednesday.

5. When it comes to my mental health, I don’t play but at this point I think I’d rather see a therapist for my finances than for my mental health because it’s my finances that will cause me a mental breakdown if I ever have one. As a young Nigerian just starting to pay my own bills, I don’t feel personally equipped enough with how to handle my finances and that sucks and I’m sure it’s the same for a lot of other youths like myself.

There you have it guys, my June in a few words. I’d also like to use this opportunity to wish YOU reading this a very blissful new month.

Love always…

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What’s this month looking like for you? What plans do you have? I’d absolutely love to hear from you too, do leave a comment below let’s have a chat.


  1. Hi dear. Happy New Month!
    I’m really glad you plan to go back to consistent blogging, I always look forward to your posts. You’re such an amazing creative.
    For finances, I would suggest following @moneyafrica and @finlitafrica.

    June is a very interesting month for me as I just got back from school, I look forward to relaxing and resuming my blogging.


  2. Happy New Month!!! It’s not too late to say that right?😏. I’m looking forward to more blog updates!! You’re really amazing and I hope you’re able to achieve all your plans for the month of June. 💕💕💕


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