Beginning of this year, one of the things I wanted to do as regards blogging was to incorporate more posts not entirely written by me because in all honesty I don’t know it all. I’m not a huge fan of guest posts so that wasn’t an option but thankfully I have finally figured how to get everyone involved and that is by sharing your responses to my questions.

In honor of Mother’s Day being celebrated tomorrow, the 12th of May, I have picked out 12 responses by women in their twenties to my ‘Dear MotherInstagram story to share with you…

1. I miss you everyday but trust me I’m getting stronger everyday as well

Nori 24

2. Your daughter is looking for money not husband.

Nye 22

3. You stayed because of me, now I’m grown, let’s leave.

She 21

4. You are the energy I need when I’m weak.

Jophz 24

5. Because of you, I am.

Sobi 24

6. I need to travel abroad like my mates.

Belle 20

7. When you hurt, it feels like someone ripped out my heart from my chest. I love you deeply.

Jen 20

8. You are beautiful and gracious, the love and kindness you exude is truly appreciated.

Fav 21

9. You born better pikin.

Eno 22

10. I am nothing like you; everything like you.

Mami 29

11. Please allow me wear my clothes in peace and not everyone is trying to kidnap me.

Skate 22

12. I have scars I could never tell you about.

Queen 23

There were a lot more replies but these touched me, made me laugh, made me appreciate motherhood and made me want to be the best mom to my future kids. I know this is a very sensitive time for a lot of people especially those living without their moms or those that have been having difficulties becoming moms, I’d like to use this opportunity to send you lots of LOVE and LIGHT.

Love always…

*disclaimer : Words were written with the permission of the people who sent them without any word being altered. Fake names were used for sake of animosity*

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Do you like these audience response posts? Which one of the responses can you relate to the most? Have advice for anyone of them? Do let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below, thank you.


  1. She, I definitely felt your words. I hope that someday soon, your mama finds the strength to walk away from whatever this situation is. I also hope that despite it all, she feels your love everyday 🙏


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