A very happy May to you my darling. I was supposed to have published this earlier I mean it’s nearly a week into the month and I doubt anyone is still saying happy new month but I’m really just getting used to this adulting life and time management is one of my many weaknesses. If you have been an avid reader of my blogposts, you would definitely have missed my ‘Currently I Am…’ posts as much as I have missed sharing them with you, so YES I’m bringing it backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. Although a little bit differently this thing for you to enjoy something new and also for the many new readers on the blog, it’s such a good chance for you to get to know me better and what I’m up to.

This year I started my first ‘full time role’ job and it’s been fun but HECTIC. I barely have any time for other things {blogging included} but I’m really happy because I’ve been learning so much, so much more than what I’ve learnt in the past years working as a digital marketer. I’ve learnt to use Mailchimp effectively, learnt about visual merchandising, worked on content for two magazines, made a great guestlists etc but what I’ve learnt that I’m super excited about is shooting in MANUAL MODE on a camera. Word on the street is that I take good photos but I doubt people didn’t know I had absolutely no idea how to set ISO, aperture and the likes on a camera. I always shoot on auto mode and in natural light but a few days ago, I had to shoot with artificial light and set a damn DSLR camera. This s definitely the beginning of better visuals to come…

I also taught my first physical class sometime in April and it was AH-MAZING. I never ever thought I’d be able to speak to a group of people and have them respond so well, I had them nodding, taking notes, asking questions, laughing etc I couldn’t believe myself. The topic for that class was “A GUIDE TO SOCIAL MEDIA FOR BUSINESS” which I’m totally passionate about before I’ve been doing this for nearly five years now. Now to the exciting news *insert drum roll here*, I have decided to put all I taught in the class and some more into an E-book which will be made available for purchase in exactly ONE WEEK from today!!!! Proceeds from sales of this E-book will be given to two non governmental organizations, one catering to sanitary aid for girls as its menstrual hygiene month and the other feeding people this Ramadan season. I’m super excited and I absolutely can’t wait for May 13th.

Enough of my shenanigans, let’s get right into a recap of ‘SIS LATELY

• still super EXCITED ABOUT : My collaboration with Dior.

• ATTENDED : Arise Fashion week for the first time ever and I thought it was alright.

• WEARING : Only skirts and dresses, I’ve put on too much weight to be struggling to fit in my jeans.

• GOT FEATURED : In TheGuardianLife magazine which is such a big deal.

• LEARNING : To embrace me in every form.

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Do let me know if to keep up with this kind of post or to let it go completely.

Love always…


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How has 2019 been so far? Did you enjoy this blogpost? I’d absolutely love to read your feedback, do leave me a comment below thank you.


  1. Congratulations Ifeoma! I’m so excited about your collaborations and everything, I’m looking forward to more celebrations and I hope you stay full of joy always ❤️


  2. Hi Ifeoma
    Been loving your ‘Currently I Am’ posts because it kept us in the loop on what’s up with you. So excited for you and all your accomplishments so far, more grace to your ables hun💕


  3. Yassss girl. Secure that bag 👏👏👏 please do more of this. Please do check out my blog:


  4. Hi there,

    First, Thank you so much for sharing your story and the best collection of your outfit. Your all pictures are breathtaking. I love all the outfit that models wear and the style she has it. When you talk about fashion, beauty glamour and style, don’t you like to wear Pewter Charms?


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