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Yes I’m back here again…

This week I found myself in Ikorodu and thrifted the cutest Zara bag ever and that motivated me {alongside the amazing guys on my instastory requesting} to share a post about where to thrift bag in Lagos Nigeria which can also serve as an update to my where to thrift in Lagos blogpost.


I live on the mainland {the other end of 3rd mainland bridge} and in recent times I’ve noticed a lot of small shops along various streets that sell second hand items and I’ve been lucky to buy from them.


If you frequent the oshodi/Apapa express way, then maybe one day you should stop at cele busstop, get on the over head bridge and you would find my plug. There is this man that retails bags for 500naira and he is the best thing that has happened to my bag collection.


Still on that Oshodi/Apapa express way {don’t ask me how I know these places, my mom is the real thrift queen} there are a couple of warehouses where items shipped to Nigeria are offloaded and resold. In them you can find several bag retails and they have goodt stuff if I do say so myself. One of my favorite tote bag original from Topshop I purchased it from there for 1,500naira. I love it so much and have used it so much that I feel like going back to pay some more.


Yet another disclaimer not to ask me what I’m looking for there, I’m an actual waka dube but back to the topic, I’ve found the best items there like this Zara bag I got for just 1,000naira that triggered me to write this post. I actually envy those that live in that zone because there are tons of second hand vendors there, from clothes to shoes and even household items.

I really wanted this to be an Instagram caption because I didn’t want to do anything work related this Easter weekend but I just had to before I procrastinate and end up not sharing anymore after I had already promised to share {lowkey afraid of being that Nigerian uncle that promises to find you a job after uni and fails *insert hearty laugh here*}. I hope you enjoyed reading this, do have an amazing long weekend ahead and don’t forget to spread love.

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Love always…

Are you a thrift shopper? Where do you frequently thrift from?


  1. And now, these previously simple places will be packed full with the thronging bodies and quickening heartbeats of Instagram’s elite! 😂 Thanks for sharing 🖤


  2. Thank you Ifeoma. This was waaay beyond helpful. Thank you sm for sharing.
    We are SIS (get it?)with the waka dube thing. I live on the Island and I am fairly new to Lagos but I just know so many places in Lagos that ppl always ask me how I know those places and I always just laugh because I am such a bargain shopper.
    Anyways tysm for sharing, I should be visiting these places in the coming weeks (insert hearty laugh) lol


  3. I need to stop by Cele bridge on my way home one of these days.
    That Zara bag and the red bag are my absolute faves!
    I have missed your blog posts, thank you for sharing Ifeoma!


  4. Those are really gorgeous bags, I especially adore the red one! I haven’t seen bags like that during my thrifting, hope I will get to see worthy ones in the future x


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