I wouldn’t like to refer to myself as a shopping addict but I looooovvvvvve to shop. In recent times I’ve been too lazy with barely anytime on my hands to go thrift shopping and in times like this I’m grateful to sites like shein that are almost always on sell to quench my thirst of wanting new things. In today’s post, I’d be sharing with you 10 items in my shein sales cart…


When it comes to clothing, green is one of my favorite colors. It’s not loud and it’s not also subtle, it’s just perfect for my girl next door vibe. I’ve added these three items to my cart because they are classy and chic.


It’s officially spring and time to wear all your prints unapologetically. Polka dots are my number one favorite alongside mixed patterns and right now animal prints is a must have!!


With clothing I am a little bit reserved and like to go the subtle way but with accessories I go ham because they are the pop my subtle casual fit needs to stand out. And oh I’d absolutely love to listen to music while I charge my phone.

The best part of this post is that I’m absolutely open to shopping with you, so if you see any item you like, do feel free to send me a message and let’s hit checkout together!!

If you’d like more posts like this to save you the stress of rummaging through endless items on any site, do let me know in the comments.

Love always…


  1. More please!!!! I love that print skirt and my God that belt! It’s a must have. I’m heading over to Shein right now.


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