Currently listening to No Crime | Nonso AmadiI thought being a freelancer was a fun and games because I wasn’t doing it full time as I was in university and I had my pocket money to pay my bills but it’s been five months now since I started being a full time freelancer I’ve come to realize a lot of people do not take us seriously especially when it comes to making payments so in today’s post I’d be sharing with you three ways to make sure you secure the bag aka get your money…

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1. DEFINE WHO YOUR CLIENT ISOne great thing knowing who and who you’d like to work for and with has helped me with is positioning and branding myself in a way that these brands can easily find me and also find me fit to be on their team. I can say since I started working in 2014, I’ve only had to send out an application once even though I’ve worked with several brands as regards content creation, curation and social media management. The case has always been ‘we saw your profile’ or ‘we saw your work’ and this is because I decided a long time ago to work with luxury fashion & lifestyle brands so in creating even for myself, I always have in mind ‘will these brands I target like this kind of content’.

2. ALWAYS SIGN A CONTRACTRecently I’ve had to nearly take up a case with a brand that was owing me payment and the first question the lawyer asked me was ‘do you have a signed contract by both parties?’. Luckily I did and this goes to show how important it is. Before you begin working on any project especially long term, be sure to sign a contract that states your terms of payment and even what will happen if payment is not duly made after the agreed time. If it’s a short term service you are offering, I’d advise you request full payment or more than 50% of agreed payment before you proceed to do any work. This ensures accountability from both parties and also ensures that you have your money in your account.

3. GET OUT OF YOUR BEDA major flaw most freelancers have is treating work at their own time which might not suit clients (this is me) and sometimes might even result to a delay in the service provided that in some cases might make clients to request a refund of payment. So if you want that money paid to remain in your account get out of your bed and find a space to work in. I know most people will recommend having a ‘home office’ but that won’t work if you love your sleep like I do because you can easily go back into your bed without anyone to hold you accountable. In my opinion, I’d recommend a proper working space, one like TRIBE XX LAB located in Lagos Nigeria. It’s a co working space for women and I love it there. You have other freelancers like yourself to hold you accountable, share ideas with, yoga to relax your nerves after hours of working and let’s not forget Tacos to keep your belly in check after a day of ticking everything off your to do list. They even have a ‘nap room’ which made me give the TRIBE XX LAB space the name ‘Home away from home

*clears out some more cobwebs*

I know it’s been a while since my last blog post but this month being WOMENS MONTH, I’ve been really motivated and will be sharing more on this space. I hope you have learnt a thing or two from this post, I’m definitely looking forward to getting your feedback and don’t forget to click the share icon so your freelance friends can see it and learn too.


Love always…

Are you a freelancer? Do you like being flexible with your work time or would rather a strict 9-5 work hours? Got more freelance tips for us? Do share in the comments below, looking forward to reading from you.


  1. I’m currently a full time freelancer and it’s so stressful. Yes to getting a work space. In Abuja here they are so expensive. If I get one i’ll Literally be using up a lot of money that should go go to other things. Anyways i’ll Keep searching until I find one suitable.


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  2. This space alone can motivate me to do extra, so lovely and eye pleasing.
    Apart from the love for my bed while working, an attractive desk can be a good one too.
    On freelancing, that’s one thing I hope to delve into soon, there’s just this fulfillment and joy about doing what you love and making a living off it. So thank you for sharing these tips! Cheers to more opportunities, cash, cheques and good life!

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  3. The signing a contract part is one mistake I made in my last freelance gig. I think I’ve become 3 times wiser after this post! Thanks for this! ❤

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