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I can’t categorically say when my love for midi dresses started but I can sure say one of the reasons why I love them today is that the silhouette is the chicest of them all, also on days when I couldn’t be bothered with getting dressed up and I’m giving my fupa a day off high waist denim to relax and breathe , a midi dress is my go-to as it has the ability to make it look like I put an effort into my outfit. I also love my midi dresses is although they are seen as summer staple, they are ALWAYS ON TREND so no matter what season we are in, you can dress them up or down to suit the occasion.

Dress – Thrifted

Shoe – @thriftshoes_ng

Bag – Art Market

When it comes to picking midi dresses, I always tend to lean towards loose fitting ones especially the button down style ones. I’ve noticed that my short frame looks very flattering in mini dresses or mini skirts but seeing as I commute everyday with the public transport system, it’s really inconvenient for me and I absolutely hate having to be conscious of myself or what I’m wearing while going about my day hustle so with the button down midi dresses, I can leave some buttons undone to show some legs which in turn gives the mini dress illusion and flatters my frame instead of swallowing frame like a midi dress normally would.

I know this is 2019 and people don’t really care for fashion bloggers gushing about their new buy and I’m sincerely sorry to be that blogger but I got this dress for such a steal while thrifting and I couldn’t hold myself back from sharing with you as the main aim of this blog is to show that one can be stylish on a budget and how to do that. If you don’t already own midi dress, you totally should keep an eye out for one now after reading this.

Love always…


Do you own any midi dresses? What are some of your favorite dress styles? Let me know what you think of this post and if you’d like to see more fashion post by leaving a comment below, thank you.


  1. I currently don’t own any midi dresses. I went thrift shopping a few days back to get one but I was already exhausted. I’m definitely going to try till I get one. I love this post and I definitely would love to see more fashion post. I don’t understand why people don’t read blog post anymore, I hope it changes though cos you tend to learn a lot seeing things from the perspective of others.


  2. Love the post and yes to more fashion posts! I have a couple of midi dress which I love because they’re very comfy and chic. Shirt dresses or any dress that accentuates the waist is automatically my fav. Thanks for sharing.


  3. You make the most basic and simple things look so sophisticated well done gurl.

    i can’t remember owning any midi dresses but i have a thing for midi skirts, they’re my fave currently.


  4. I so love this dress on you. You look so lovely ❤️❤️
    I have always wanted a midi dress but I haven’t found one that I really like. How do you thrift your dresses from by the way?


  5. Yes to midi dresses
    Yes to your content..please stick to it, as that is what is attracting your audience, e.g me
    Btw, where is this Art market, i love your bag and will like to get one.


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