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I’ve been thinking a lot about blogging, my kind of content and how the world {read as potential audience} demands lots more lately from bloggers. I remember I started blogging out of my love for fashion, gushing about how cheap my outfit is and the idea behind putting the pieces together. But these days, it seems that don’t sell anymore {read as doesn’t get people clicking}, people want more and I’ve seen a lot of fashion blogs go from being a place where fashion lovers gather together to get style inspiration or just generally admire beautiful clothes to motivational sites. I think this is the reason so many fashion bloggers are in a rut because not all of us are ‘DEEP’ some of us just like clothes and that’s it.


I’ve come to a personal decision this 2019 that I’d stick to sharing my FASHION content unapologetically, you can’t give what you don’t have, I’d sure be sharing TIPS & TRICKS, LIFESTYLE & BEAUTY content when I have them up my sleeves and generally anything that interests me at a particular period in time because as much as I’m doing this for YOU reading this post, I’m doing this for ME too.

On a lighter note,

asides from being a fashion blogger, I love photography and do a little bit of photography {you can click here to see my work}. Lately, I’ve been obsessed with STILL LIFE PHOTOGRAPHY hence the birth of this new segment on my blog. While I search the Internet for inspiration, I’d be sharing my favorite images from the week and hoping you get inspired too even if you’re not a photographer. In today’s entry, I’m sharing on FOOD because that I’m sure is something we all enjoy…

Food photography on Pinterest Food photography Food and fashion photography still life photography still life photography still life photography still life photography still life photography still life photography still life photography

disclaimer : NONE of these images were taken by me.

I hope you enjoyed looking through these images as much as I did? I’d absolutely love to get feedback from you concerning this and also would love suggestions on what to SHARE on this Still Life Photography segment next week. Looking forward to reading from you, do have an amazing new week.

Love always…


  1. The first and last picture were killer shots. I’ve recently been photographing everything. It might have a thing to do with my not so new phone or just because. Honestly doing you is the best. One of my goal is to always be my unapologetic self. Take me or leave me.

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  2. Dear Ifeoma,

    I think you are doing perfectly well with your blog so please keep it up.

    I love photography and i’m still learning to brush up my photo editing skills. i love to take pictures of anything: food, clothes, faces, animals, flowers, etc.

    Pictures make me happy especially food pictures so this post is definitely for me lol.


  3. I found this very interesting, inspiring and pretty!!!!!. I recently took a dive into food photography and the truth is no matter what type of photography it is I believe anything can look extremely beautiful when its captured on camera.


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