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I came to the realization that a lot of buy things for the sake of buying them and not utilizing them one of those such things are journals. If this is you, don’t worry you’re not alone, I used to be this person too but guess who now uses her journals to the last page?ME and in today’s post I’d be sharing with you why I think you too should keep and write in your journals, how to start writing in them and when is the ideal time to. I really hope this post helps someone out there start this step to becoming a the best version of themselves.


As a blogger, journaling has helped me improve in my writing abilities greatly. If you read my very first blogpost {the worst} and compare it to this, you would definitely notice a huge difference. It has also helped me discover my tone of voice, the voice you read my blogposts in even down to my Instagram captions and made me fall in love with this tone too. I have several journals but my favorite one has to be my gratitude journal. It’s a journal where I write everything I’m thankful to God for. I particularly love this one because an attitude that leads to a good prosperous life is one of gratitude. You would never finding me lost for words when they say ‘what are you thankful for?’. As young adults with a lot going through our minds on a daily basis, it’s easy to forget things so having it written down serves as a reminder that can be easily reached. Another reason WHY I love journaling is that it helps me explore my thoughts and makes me aware of myself which I tell you brethren, is a beautiful thing.


This is the point where I know a lot of people might be stuck and I’m really sorry to sound cliche but the ultimate how to start journaling is to just WRITE!!!! Write everything down as it comes to your head once you hold your pen. It’s easy to journal when you keep a journal for different reasons like have a work journal, a spiritual growth journal, a mental health journal, a food journal etc, that way once you pick one up, you subconsciously know what it is you’re supposed to be writing about in that journal. Write everything that comes to your mind within a short time frame let’s say 5-15mins, stop and re-read what you’ve written. In a matter of continually doing this, you’d find that journaling isn’t as deep and poetic as people make it seem. Also keep it private, I know the reason why most people can’t seem to write is because they are afraid of other people reading their thoughts.


I’d advise you do it before you get out of bed or when you’re going to bed whenever you feel like and do it FAST before writers block starts to drop. You can make a journaling schedule as I’ve noticed it’s easier to turn something into an habit when they are included in your schedule. Sometimes I wish I could write while I’m commuting but my dears have you ever been in a Lagos danfo or keke? But if you’ve got the comfort of good buses without the person sitting next to you preeing into your business, trains or you even get ridden in a car, then I’d highly recommend journaling while in transit because life gets so busy and most times the only time we have free is while on the go.

In summary, journaling really is Writing anything you want, Reflecting on what you’ve written, Investigating your thoughts and becoming more aware of yourself, Timing your writing to get the best out of yourself and Exiting by rereading what you’ve written, noting and taking action steps to becoming a better YOU. Remember that you are FREE to write anything you won’t in whatever manner you choose. I hope with these few points of mine I’ve been able to convince you to WRITE more, do have a great weekend.

My favorite place to buy journals from in Lagos is every PRINCE EBEANO SUPERMARKET outlet. They stock very cute notepads at affordable prices.

The journal featured in this blogpost was a gift from my friend Alex of NAPPYHAIRED gotten at ShopCassieDaves on instagram.

Love Always…

Do you keep a journal? How many journals do you own? I’d love to know if this post was any helpful to you, do kindly leave a comment below, thank you.


  1. I really enjoy reading my thoughts from years back : a terrifyingly gratifying combo… Also, I’ve noticed that i would spend loads on a fancy journal, and end up filling the cheap 80 leaves notebook in my shelf; while ‘le fancy’ gathers dust 😆


  2. i write stuff a lot but in different places and the funny thing is, i have access to new journals every year but i just give them out because i never use them. if i need to write something, i use the notepad on my phone or some random book. i actually tried journaling last year but i stopped midway because i wasn’t used to it, not me. The phone notepad works for me.

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  3. I love journals so much because of randomly one day you’ll stumble across your thoughts on a particular day ages ago. You can get transported back into that moment. I have to say though, I suck at it. I really wish I did it every day. At every point of my life I want to share my thoughts freely and document them – from miss to mrs, mrs to mom, mom to mom-in-law, in-law to grandmom, it would be such an amazing collection! I just have to try and be more disciplined. One issue also is privacy – I don’t want anyone reading my detailed thoughts unless I’m dead! In the meantime, however, I find the thought of having separate journals for separate things terrifying. Whaat? How do you even? Hell naw.. maybe I’d give it a try someday, but for now, hell naw. Everything should be in one place biko. Such beautiful photos within this post, by the way!


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