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It’s a new year, so it’s only right I go through my old posts and stats to see which did well to prepare and serve better on my blog for the new year and guess what I found? My most read post for 2018 was the 3 Must Have Apps For 2018, so it’s a no brained that I had to do another one for 2019 right?

This time I’m sharing one app each in these three categories Finance, Photography and Lifestyle that I’ve just recently downloaded that I plan to use to maximize my 2019…


It’s been 3 months now since I became a full time freelancer and one major problem I’ve been having is being able to exactly say how much it is I earn at the end of every month and due to this reason it’s even harder to save. So at the beginning of the year, I took time reading and researching how I can keep track of my monthly income, also record my expenses and found this app called SPENDING TRACKER. So far I’m loving it because it’s super easy to use.


If you’ve read my How I Edit My Photos post, you’d know that I didn’t use to use Lightroom until recently towards the end of 2018 and brethren I’m sold!!! I currently use the mobile version known as Lightroom CC mobile to edit my photos and it’s been amazing all that I can do within one app. I’ve not bought any presets because right now I don’t see a need for it as I have so much fun editing my photos from the scratch and creating my own presets. I can’t wait to see what more ways I can spice up my images using Lightroom in 2019.


I know this is not a new app and you might have already heard about it but if you don’t have this app on your phone and you’re a music lover, I don’t know what you’re doing!!! In my opinion, this is the best app ever invented. Imagine hearing a song you like and being able to find out nearly every detail about the song without having to ask anyone that might probably even snob you. I totally slept on this app for a long time, I got it last year and there has been no regrets. I’ve discovered a lot of new music through this app and I can’t wait for more to be discovered this year.

On this note, I’d like to wish you all a very happy and adventurous new year, may this new year be everything you want it to be and more. I’m also hoping to be more consistent this year and I’d love it if you let me know in the comments below what you’d like to see from me and this blog this new year.

Also I’d be sending out a mail containing a list of apps I use to jazz up my INSTASTORIES to my email subscribers, click here to sign up so you can get this exclusive content and lots more.

Love always…

Did you like this post? Do you already have any of the apps shared? Let me know what apps you’re loving lately by leaving a comment below, thank you.


  1. Lightroom is bae! Started using last year and its like I don’t even need any other app.Right now I’m trying to use the bible app more because one of my goals for the year is to get closer to God.


  2. Lightroom is lit. I am very much still struggling with how to edit😭
    I am not a blogger, but I plan to have beautiful pictures of myself and my products.


  3. I also found lightroom last year and its been amazing. I also found Unfold last year and I’ve been using the You version bible app for the longest time. Its a really cool way to do devotions, pray and study your bible. It also keeps track of your activity. I would definitely try the spending tracker app.



  4. That finance app is the one i really need because money must stop disappearing from my account with and without my knowledge this year; enough is enough, poverty must die


  5. Thank you for sharing.Currently downloading the apps. Happy new year to you and I wish you an amazing and beautiful year❤️


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